Father's Day Special: Give our father a health

The once strong and strong father has been in a healthy crisis with the passing of the years. Now that you have grown up, your parents' health is your greatest wish. Before the arrival of Father's Day (this year's Father's Day is Sunday, June 15 ), you not only have to make a wish, but your father who is willing to work for a lifetime can be healthy. Living happily, you need to understand your father's current health and help him grasp the healthy life of the future.

     For the father to take the pulse health

  In our eyes, the father is a strong representative. However, it is because his father is strong, and he rarely cares about minor injuries. Therefore, on Father's Day, let us stay on the hard-working fathers and pay attention to their health. Some of the health problems of the elderly may have been discovered in casual conversation.

  What was your last physical examination?


  When a man is 50 years old, many diseases come along with you. You must know in time whether your father has diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Even if his health is good, continue to ask some important data, such as cholesterol, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar and other data that may be hidden dangers should not be ignored, and then handed to the doctor for analysis to understand the father's health.

What is the quality of sleep?


As you get older, your father's sleep time is generally less, and most of them are easy to wake up and dream. Take a look at whether the bedding they use is appropriate. Try not to use a cushion or a brown trampoline. It is best to sleep on a wooden bed to avoid discomfort in the elderly . Don't drink plenty of water before going to sleep at night. This may cause the bladder to fill up and increase the number of nights ; Before going home, it will affect Enron's sleep.

Tip: If you find that your father is drowsy during the day, remember to pay attention to high blood pressure? If you have poor sleep quality at night and have very little time, help your father to rule out heart, gastrointestinal discomfort, and neurasthenia.

Is your father in a good mood?


In fact, many senile diseases are related to mood. Especially those elderly people with chronic diseases, in addition to their physical health, they should pay attention to their psychological condition. If you can arrange life for them reasonably, provide them with books on health, or buy some movies, movies, etc. that they like, according to the hobby of the elderly, it would be better to enrich their lives.

  Tip: For elderly people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, they should pay more attention to their mentality of treating diseases. Do not force or deprive the elderly of their right to choose their life for various reasons. Be aware that for the elderly, respecting them and making them feel good can make them healthy.

   How is your appetite?


If the father has a good appetite, it proves that he is in good health. Otherwise, pay attention to whether he has lesions in the stomach and liver. Men are twice as likely to have stomach cancer as women. Gastric cancer is a more dangerous form of cancer because its symptoms appear later. Initially it was less obvious that the abdomen was uncomfortable and then developed into vomiting and weight loss. If your father has a family history of gastric cancer or his blood type is A , you should pay more attention to stomach cancer.

    Is there any abnormality in recent urination?

If the father has obvious urinary frequency, urinary incontinence, urinary drip, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to whether he has prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other diseases. With age, 90% of men will develop prostate disease.

Going upstairs and panting?


By climbing the stairs, you can let your father check his physical strength and leg strength. If you step on two steps, you can quickly climb to the 5th floor, indicating that you are in good health ; the first level is on the 5th floor, there is no obvious asthma, and the health is good ; if you are panting, shortness of breath, poor. Type ; boarding the 3rd floor is tired and breathing, meaning that the body is weak, should go to the hospital to further find out the reasons, do not care.

  Is there a visual problem?

  When you are old, you are prone to eye diseases. Especially those who smoke, the possibility of suffering from cataract is much greater than that of non-smokers. At the same time, glaucoma is an eye disease with a high heritability. It destroys nerves and increases the hydraulic pressure in the eye, leading to blindness. If your grandfather has glaucoma, your father may have this eye disease, so he should have an eye exam every year. The sooner you start the examination, the better.

What is the pulse rate?

Cardiac function can be tested by pulse. Add 3 pulse numbers, subtract 200 and divide by 10 : (pulse A + pulse B + pulse C-200 ) /10 , if the result is: 0~3 indicates strong heart ; 3~6 is good ; 6~9 heart Generally ; 9~12 heart is not so good ; 12 or more should seek a doctor in time.

Although the father is always silent, he may sometimes neglect his own health. The children pay more attention to this aspect and check their health for their father. After all, health is not as good as other products!

    As your father's age grows, access to health information is far less convenient than you can, so you need to learn these health knowledge in a timely manner and transfer it to your father, because health is accumulated from the bit by bit.

    Fat intake should not be more

    The supply of protein in the elderly is based on 1 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight, and priority is given to high quality protein such as milk, eggs, beans, fish, and lean meat.

    No matter how fat or thin, the elderly should not consume too much fat, because the age of fat metabolism will be significantly worse, eating greasy, easy to cause fat or indigestion. Fat intake is maintained below 30% of total calories and reduces saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

    It is ideal for an elderly person to eat an egg yolk egg for two days. If you are too thin, or have no problems with high cholesterol, and the meat is not overdose, you can't eat an egg a day.

    To control fat intake, the simple principle is not to eat more than one fried or fried food a day, remove fat and skin as much as possible, do not eat animal visceral food, and reduce the consumption of processed meat products. In addition to protecting the health of the intestines, fiber also helps control blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure.

    Old people often don't like vegetables and fruits with fiber because of dental problems. They often have constipation. When serving fiber-rich fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, the food can be shredded and chopped, and the food can be thinned and softened by steaming, boiling, stewing, and simmering. Never use important methods of juicing or filtering to discard important fibers.


Pay attention to vitamin supplements

    The rate at which the body metabolizes vitamin A gradually decreases with aging. It is enough to supply 5,000 international units ( IU ) of vitamin A per day, deliberately supplementing vitamin A , and accidentally overdosing, leading to poisoning.

    The antioxidants associated with aging--vitamins E and C can increase the amount of supplementation. Older people need more vitamin B6 than when they are younger. The intake of other vitamins is about the same as that of young people.

    As for the sodium ions that affect the heart and blood pressure, do not take too much. The most needed ingredient in bones - calcium, the zinc needed for immunity, the potassium needed for normal heart and nerve function, is the nutrients that should be deliberately increased in the diet of the elderly.

    Iron should not be replenished in large quantities because iron metabolism is not high in old age. Excessive iron intake can interfere with the absorption of calcium and zinc, and accelerates the consumption of antioxidants in the body.

Drink plenty of water during the day

    In terms of moisture, the elderly should be overcome from the psychological distress caused by decreased urination function. During the day, encourage drinking more boiled water, drinking less alcohol, or drinks containing a lot of caffeine. After dinner, reduce fluid intake so as not to go to the toilet frequently, affecting sleep.

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