Demystifying the working principle of the pendulum rain test device

The pendulum pipe rain test device is suitable for artificial rain test based on natural conditions, without strong wind speed rainfall, and does not consider the large amount of water introduced by the high temperature of the test piece and the temperature difference of the rain temperature. The pendulum tube rain test device can meet the IP3 and IP4 test requirements, and its working principle is:
Swing tube swing: through the motor, inverter (imported parts) drive reducer, eccentric wheel mechanism, rack and pinion and other mechanical transmission. Use the inverter to adjust the number of swings (in unit time) and adjust the angle by the eccentric mechanism.
Table rotation: The motor drives the turbine to rotate and decelerate to reach the table rotation speed.
Nozzle: Determine the bending radius of the pendulum tube according to the size of the test piece. The nozzle is a detachable special nozzle, and the nozzle hole can be replaced at any time according to the standard required aperture, so that the water droplets emitted are uniform and the flow rate is sufficient.

Sewer: Open-type pendulum pipe must be considered for drainage. It should be considered during civil construction so that it can be discharged quickly without water accumulation. A separate capacity tank is also required to supply the test.

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