Excalibur high speed die cutting machine

TEXO Industry's Excalibur (Arthur's Sword) round die cutting has entered the market. Excalibur meets the demanding print quality and die-cut register accuracy. King Arthur’s sword has maintained a good sales performance since it was launched at the corrugated exhibition in 2002.

Excalibur uses a roller feed unit. The vacuum conveyor belt ensures print registration accuracy. Excalibur features an aluminum closed doctor blade system and ink viscosity control to ensure uniform ink application. Patented fast round press die cutting tool attachments increase production capacity. The print cylinder has a quick lead plate attachment and an anilox roller that can be switched quickly.

In addition to Excalibur, Tanso Industries has also introduced other new products, the FFG 1300 series of carton forming machines; it features a high registration accuracy between the TEXO-Feed's unique high-speed feed section and the printing unit; the slotting unit can be fitted with one or two Slotted shafts for quick readiness. The die-cutting unit can be connected at any time; the FFG 1300 is controlled by a central PLC computer, and its excellent order data processing capability guarantees quick readiness.

Usually, thermoplastics are supplied in the form of pelletised material (compounds) with additives (antioxidants, etc.) already blended in it. However, PVC resin is often supplied in powder form and long term storage is possible since the material is resistant to oxidation and degradation. Various additives and pigments are added to PVC during the processing stage, and the blend is then converted into PVC products.

PVC Blister Packaging Tray

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