Research on Ammunition Packaging Based on Vapor Phase Rust Preventive Technology (II)

3 Application of vapor phase rust prevention technology in ordnance equipment

3.1 The application of foreign troops

In terms of the application research of gas phase rust prevention technology, the US military started earlier and the technology is more mature. As early as 1951, the U.S. military used four kinds of vapour rust preventives for the 1000 f-3 lOOmm, 120mm, 122mm howitzer calibers. After 10 years inspection, the rust prevention performance was good. In 1952, a vapor-phase rust inhibitor was used to seal up to 4000 carbine guns. In 1960, the actual use of sealed guns was discovered and its performance was found to be intact. In addition, the U.S. military will also boldly use vapor phase anti-rust technology for the protection of naval vessels, aircraft, radar, and some aerospace equipment. For example, NASA uses a coating containing vapor-phase rust inhibitors to protect the 0-ring on the space shuttle. The U.S. Navy Laboratory has conducted research on the use of vapor phase rust inhibitors in the protection of magnetic recording materials used in naval mainframe computers. It has been reported that this technology not only avoids the erosion of the marine atmosphere, but also improves the reading and writing performance of computers. At present, except for the United States, Germany, Russia, Japan, and South Korea have been able to produce and apply vapor-phase rust-preventing materials, and have gradually expanded from military (missiles, aircrafts, and ships) to civilian use, and their application scope has expanded continuously with broad prospects.

3.2 The application of our military

In China, from the late 1950s, experimental studies on gas phase rust inhibitors began. In 1960, a series of gas-phase anti-rust technology storage experiments were conducted on light weapons such as handguns, rifles, assault rifles, machine guns, etc., and stainless steel effects were obtained for 12 years. In 1990, a total of 15 experts were jointly organized by the former general ordnance department and the former military department of the North Industries Corporation. Among the 6 weapons warehouses in Sichuan and Jiangsu, 12 types of light weapons were sealed using vapor phase rust prevention technology from 1975 to 1989. A comprehensive investigation was conducted on the quality of equipment and no corrosion of weapons and equipment sealed by vapor-phase rust protection technology was found. Recently, a 81-gun gas-phase rust-proof liquid rust-proof seal test has been performed.

4 vapor phase anti-rust technology in ammunition packaging applications

Although vapor phase rust prevention technology has received extensive attention from various countries in the world, there are relatively few reports on mature technologies applied in ammunition packaging. In view of the characteristics of vapor phase rust prevention technology combined with the structural and performance characteristics of ammunition, the author believes that vapor phase rust inhibitor can be applied to rust-proof rust packaging in the following ways.

4.1 Vapor-phase anti-rust plastic film used in ammunition packaging

Vapor-phase anti-rust plastic film is a protective rust-proof packaging material formed by adding a vapor phase rust inhibitor into a plastic film in a certain manner. The material has the advantages of transparent appearance, good flexibility, light weight, and foldability. It can be manufactured by simple sealing and seaming, and can be used not only as the inner packaging material of ammunition, but also to reduce the sealing requirements for the ammunition outer packaging. It is especially suitable for short-term, rapid and effective storage of ammunition under conditions of field and wartime.

4.2 Ammunition packaging uses a gas phase rust-prevention kit and a bag of vapor-phase rust inhibitor powder is put into a cloth bag or a cloth bag and placed in an ammunition packaging box to achieve rust prevention. Alternatively, an appropriate amount of an adhesive may be added to the vapor phase rust inhibitor, and the rust inhibitor may be directly compressed into pellets or tablets for use.

4.3 Dissolve vapor rust inhibitor in distilled water or its solvent with vapour-proof rust-proof paper and cloth-packed ammunition, and apply it on various rust-proof papers and cloths. After being dried, it can be used for ammunition packaging. Suitable for packaging of small-caliber ammunition or ammunition components.

4.4 Vapour-phase anti-rust silica gel is placed in the ammunition package. The vapor phase anti-rust agent is loaded on the silica gel with high adsorption capacity. The silica gel is used in the packaging of ammunition. The synergistic effect produced by the vapor phase anti-rust agent and silica gel is applied to the ammunition. Effectively protect against rust.

5 Several issues to be solved in the promotion of vapour phase rust-proof packaging for ammunition

At present, the rapid development of world packaging technology, new packaging materials continue to emerge, but the development of our ammunition packaging technology is relatively slow, the promotion and application of VCI technology in ammunition packaging there are many technical problems need further research and solution.

5.1 Versatility of rust inhibitors

At present, most of the commercial vapor phase rust inhibitors have rust-proofing effect only on one or more metals, but have no rust-proof effect on other metals, and even accelerate the corrosion of certain metals. Ammunition contains not only iron, copper, aluminum, lead and other metal or alloy components. In addition, it contains a large number of non-metallic materials such as propellants and explosives. The rust-proof packaging of ammunition requires a multi-purpose general-purpose vapor-phase rust inhibitor for ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals, as well as various types of non-metals in ammunition. The material has a good compatibility. Research and development of multi-purpose, versatile, vapor-phase rust inhibitors is one of the important topics in the promotion of vapor phase rust-proof packaging technology.

5.2 Development of special rust inhibitor carrier for different ball types

There are dozens of existing rust-preventing carriers, and the same rust-preventing agents have different rust-preventing effects. There are various types of ammunition, and different ammunition structures and materials are used. Based on the selection of suitable rust inhibitors, research and development of the optimal rust inhibitor carrier for different munitions is also one of the important topics in the promotion of ammunition vapor phase rust-proof packaging technology.

5.3 Test and Evaluation of Rust Preventive Performance

In the 1980s, China formulated the relevant industry standards for gas phase anti-rust technology. However, with the continuous development of anti-rust technology, it is far from meeting the needs of research and development of anti-rust technology. The performance evaluation of rust inhibitors, test equipment and instruments are obsolete and backward, and the test results are scientifically poor. It is difficult to play a positive role in promoting the development of vapor phase rust prevention technology, and it has hindered the research of vapor phase rust prevention technology to some extent. Develop and promote applications. Establish and improve a scientific and technical standard system, develop and develop rapid, accurate, and well-performed performance evaluation and test instruments. On this basis, formulate industry standards and special performance evaluation and test instruments that meet the needs of rust-proof packaging for ammunition. It is a basic project to promote vapor phase rust-proof packaging.

Source of information: Packaging Engineering Li Wenhao [1] Tian Chunlei [1] Li Liangchun [2]
[1] Ordnance Engineering College [2] Ordnance Research Institute

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