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Position information is transmitted from one servo motor to another via Ethernet, with a single controller controlling the logic, power and HMI (Hub Management Interface) Sabel Machinery's new TL-10 automated top-loading cartoner (accounting for The floor area 9`x8`) is the latest representative of the servo-type packaging machine. It can pack a variety of bags into various sizes of boxes at a speed of 10 boxes per minute.

The most standard function of this machine is to accurately determine the position of the bag and put it into the box. This action is performed by three separate servo conveyors, each driven by a B&R Acopos motor. B&R USA's partner PacMation helped with the training and installation of the machine.

In the loading section, the accuracy of the lifting box is of utmost importance. The B&R Acopos servo motor together with the Bosch Rexroth CKR series regulators provides a smooth and precise positioning of the box.

PP220 system integrated I/O interface and 10-inch touch screen serve the TL-10 controller together. It manages the logic, power, and HMI part of the system. With Ethernet Powerlink, a real-time Ethernet basic communication protocol, the position information can be transmitted from one servo motor to another via a standard Ethernet cable. The cycle time is less than 400 milliseconds, and the information between servo computers is updated very quickly. The Ethernet connection eliminates redundant decode wiring between motors, resulting in a simple connection and significant time savings in troubleshooting.

Automated grip - placing the terminal controls to clamp the bag by vacuum, Sabel chose to use the B&R XV valve control module to simplify the connection between the machine's pneumatic devices.

The control unit used in the TL-10 is an integrated logic/power/HMI controller that excels, Hitan said: “This integrated controller is quite simple in both hardware and software. It is not necessary to consider the logic control and HMI communication. , through a simple software program to control logic / power and HMI". The B&R`s Automation Studio software written by OMAC Packaging Workgroup based on the standardized PackML language is also worthy of attention.

Source: International Food Processing and Packaging

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