Exquisite color inside and outside the wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The choice of color can be reflected in a psychology, red represents enthusiasm, white represents pure single, many people like to apply their favorite colors to the wardrobe door, so as to bring their own good mood. Most of the following three wardrobes are dark, calm and unobtrusive, and must be suitable for you.

Wardrobe color

Coffee heart language door wardrobe

Warm coffee tones, simple and simple oxidized soda sand borders, elegant pale white patterns, it seems that the Federal Gordon this painted glass door wardrobe is a cup of rich cappuccino.

Wardrobe design

Light cherry cabinet painted wardrobe

The color of the waist color of the log is like a gentleman's belt on the gentleman's clothes. The gentleman's chest is opened, and the love is thick, showing the noble quality.


Light apple plus pure white door wardrobe

The model is deeply in love with violets, and with the design of glass lacquer, the trend is fashionable, the pattern on the door is simple and exquisite, and it becomes the crowning touch on the whole wardrobe, creating a happy family with affection.

The wall-mounted cabinet design makes full use of each inch of bedroom space, and the functional components in the cabinet are user-friendly, so that each piece of clothing can find its own belonging. The strong and subtle emotions are all hidden in a limited wardrobe space, designed for mature and elegant people.

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