The specific model of the box and its size design

In recent years, people have become more and more demanding on the function of the packaging box. It is a packaging box with multiple functions in one package, and reasonable box type and size design are very important. Therefore, how to design a reasonable box type and size according to relevant standards is also a problem worthy of discussion. With the increase in the use of packaging boxes by various industries in recent years, users have also put forward higher requirements for their functions. In terms of the structural design of the carton, especially in the case of container shipping and shelf storage, reasonable size, shape, and material allocation not only save costs, provide optimal packaging solutions, but also ensure that the product in the long-term shipping process Get the most effective protection. Under such circumstances, the structure and size design of the packaging box also become increasingly important. First, the box type standard of packing box

The size of the carton begins with determining the nature of the product and its type. Determine the box type before you can design and calculate the size of each part.

(a) The box type standards of the international carton box type international packing box have two major categories. One is approved by the International Packaging Board Association and jointly developed by the European Packaging Board Manufacturing Industry Federation (FEFCO) and the Swiss Cardboard Association (ASSCO). The international carton box standards; the other is the national standard of Japan and the United States. In the international carton box type standard, the textual name of the box type is indicated by a simple 4-bit to 8-digit number code, and various types of boxes are shown in the standard. The uniform serial number indicates the different box type structure in the same box type, and the modification is the modification of the standard box type by each manufacturer. Different manufacturers of modified suffix code represent different types of boxes, but the same manufacturer should be the only one dedicated. Suffix codes facilitate the creation of a CAD/CAM library or a dedicated library gallery. Such as commonly used type 02 carton, also known as slotted cartons, using a sheet of cardboard molding, Siamese upper and lower flaps can close the carton. The joints are generally joined at the carton factory by stapling, adhesives or adhesive tape bonding, and the length of the joints depends on the thickness of the packaging board used, typically between 25 mm and 45 mm. Type 02 also has a bottom insert structure, which is characterized by preventing the contents from leaking from the bottom. Type 02 packaging box is flat during transportation. When it is used, it is loaded into the inside sealing flap cover, which is the most widely used.

(II) Domestic Carton Box Type Standard China's reference international standard has formulated the national standard GB/T6543-2008 "Single Carton Packing Box and Double Packing Box for Transport Packaging", which stipulates the basic box type of single packing box and double packing box for transport packing.

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