Wooden pallet performance is determined by the material of the wood itself

The performance and characteristics of wooden pallets come from the wood itself, and wood is the deciding factor in determining the application and price of wooden pallets.

Poplar: It is a broad-leaved species with loose and soft materials and poor durability. It is suitable for making trays with low weight.

Pine: It is a coniferous species with many types and wide practicality. Larch, yellow pine, white pine, red pine texture thick, hard wood, white color, beautiful appearance, and more for the production of fine packaging, but the price is higher.

The problems mainly lie in hygiene, cleanliness, and production stability. Wood is susceptible to moisture, mold, insects, and can not be cleaned. In addition, the problem of peeling of wood chips and corrosion of screws on the surface cannot be overcome.

Since wood is a natural material, its quality is affected by many factors such as climate. Even in the same batch of raw materials, it is difficult to achieve the same conditions in terms of dry humidity, wind cracking, etc.

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