Baxter tile product introduction Baxter tile official website price

Baite Ceramics believes that all decoration friends should know that it was founded in 1999. It is a high-tech environmental protection large-scale ceramic carrier aircraft manufacturer specializing in the production of porcelain polished tiles, glazed wall tiles and antique tiles. . The following editors will share the introduction of Baxter tile products and the price of Baxter tile official website.

Baxter tile product introduction

Baxter Ceramics is a subsidiary of Foshan Gaoming Best Ceramics Co., Ltd. It is a large-scale, environmentally friendly, large-scale ceramic carrier aircraft manufacturer specializing in the production of porcelain polished tiles, glazed wall tiles and antique tiles. China Compulsory Product Certification 3C Certificate, National Customer Satisfaction Product, China Ceramic Industry Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, International Standard Product Recognition Certificate, China Building Materials Engineering Construction Association Recommended Products Behind the top honors reflects Baxter's solid scale strength, innovative scientific research and development capabilities, rigorous management model, world-leading production equipment, outstanding product quality and high-quality service system.

Baxter ceramic tiles lead the times with design and win trust with quality. Baxter ceramic tiles are strictly implemented in international production management and quality control, establish synchronous and stricter internal control standards with the world, and cooperate with European professional design institutions for innovative design, pouring the best raw materials and design concepts into ceramic tiles Among. Baxter ceramic tiles have been continuously researched and innovated through technology, and the "antibacterial and antifouling" has also obtained international technical patents. Each year, dozens of new products representing the latest fashion and trend of the industry are launched, with unique honors and artistic charm, created for consumers At the same time, a distinguished and tasteful home space has become the vane of the industry.

Baxter ceramic tile official website price

Dunhuang series price of Dream: RMB 136.69 yuan / piece

Features: The transparent texture and flake particles are used to achieve the three-dimensional effect, which retains the effect of natural karst caves, has good stain resistance, and is easy to clean. Can be used for ground and wall decoration.

Snow Dance Allure Series Price: ï¿¥ 52 yuan / piece

Features: Combine popular fashion patterns with streamlined textures and produce them with fine craftsmanship to create rich, fashionable and natural products. This product also has the functions of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and environmental protection.

Shuimu Tsinghua series price: RMB 91 yuan / piece

Features: Rich colors, romantic and fashionable, simple and not simple styles, using superb technology, to ensure that the line effect thickness is impermanent but natural and smooth, full of styles, is one of the alternative materials for personal space decoration.

Editor's summary: About Baxter ceramic tile product introduction and Baxter ceramic tile official website price is introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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