Epoxy Adhesives Overview - High Temperature Products 1

Third, high temperature curing high temperature epoxy adhesive 1, epoxy - aromatic amine system (1) 679 adhesive formula (mass):
Triglycidyl trimellitic acid 95.5
DDM 10
Curing conditions: 150°C/4h or 120°C/6h or 100°C/8h after precuring at 80°C
Properties: Shear Strength (Al-Al), MPa: -270°C 20.1, -190°C 18.6, 23°C 18.6, 121°C 16.6, 205°C 11.8.
The use of temperature: -270 ~ 200 °C.

(2) 65-04 adhesive.
Formula (parts by mass):
Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin Butyronitrile-40 Alumina Powder Butanone M-Phenylenediamine E-51 E-12 (300 mesh)
50 50 8 50 250 15
Apply the second glue to the open air for 5-15 minutes. Use period 25°C, 56h.
Curing conditions: 150°C/2h.
The use of temperature: -55 ~ 150 °C.

(3) Bisphenol S epoxy adhesive.
Formula (parts by mass):
Bisphenol S epoxy DDM quartz powder Zinc stearate (epoxy value 0.54)
100 26.6 100 1
Curing conditions: 175°C/2h.
Performance: Heat distortion temperature 201 °C. After 200 °C/500h heat aging, the weight loss was 1.2%.

2. Epoxy-dicyandiamide system HY-915-II agricultural rubber stick.
Formula (parts by mass):
Epoxy resin E-20 Epoxy resin E-44 Dicyandiamide Polyvinyl butyral Quartz powder 70 30 8 8 30
When glued, the glue is applied to the adherend preheated at about 120°C.
Curing conditions: 180°C/30min. Contact pressure.
Performance: Shear Strength (Viscous Aluminum Alloy) MPa: Room temperature 29.4 to 34.3, 150C 29.4.
Operating temperature: 150 °C.

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