An integrated CSB system helps you establish a complete, safe retrospective system

Now, in order to gain a foothold in a highly competitive market, companies must have the ability to effectively monitor all aspects, including production, warehousing, and shipping. In addition, companies must also be able to effectively identify and trace all raw materials. For legal considerations, the company's logistics and backtracking systems must be integrated through an efficient, transparent high-tech solution.

For industrial companies in many industries, recording backtracking processes plays a very important role in the entire logistics chain (including auditing suppliers). Only by establishing a safe and effective backtracking system can the consumer's trust in the product be continuously and significantly improved, and at the same time it can also increase the product's safety performance.

In the process of information backtracking, companies must be highly conscious of the precise boundaries and definitions of how much ingredients, minimum production, inventory, and material consumption, and must fully consider national standards and regulations. To achieve such a goal, it is only possible to adopt a solution that meets international standards and is universally accepted. Accurate international data standards are essential for identification and traceability of raw materials throughout the logistics chain and supply chain. At this point, the integrated CSB system can help companies to implement the entire information backtracking process.

Universally applicable integrated solution

Now, the integrated CSB system can help companies achieve a quality management system that complies with DIN/EN/ISO 9000ff standards, supports data processing and paperless management, and establishes a service that can help companies establish an entire logistics chain in accordance with national and international standards. Safe backtracking system.

The integrated enterprise software enables an efficient quality management system with a transparent backtracking scheme. The quality management system covers all corporate departments and can be seamlessly connected to all other functional departments. With this solution, it is possible to collect, analyze, and apply information from all corporate departments, quality, and retrospectives online within a system. During this process, all data is collected directly at the place where the data occurred. On the one hand, CSB's quality management system is an integral part of the industry's software system. On the other hand, it is also part of all functional departments. This means that all functional departments (from procurement to sales) can work through a network of information and workstations intertwined to integrate the entire production process, seamless quality monitoring and backtracking.

Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following functions:

· Paperless HACCP-system · Electronic quality management manual with location description and work instructions · Seamless ingredient information system · Immediate data recording at the place of occurrence · Flexible control of the quality management system · Purposeful when entering the goods Quality control ·Product warehousing and delivery management with batch and batch designation, batching process requirements, full documentation, internal auditing and external supplier audit planning, guaranteed compliance with quality standards, improved product quality, and increased customer satisfaction Perfect customer opinion management system, maximize efficiency and profit

In addition to complying with legal requirements, it is also possible to maximize the optimization of business processes and the entire supply chain by using the integrated ERP complete solution of the CSB system. Since on-line and real-time processing of the required retrospective data in each workstation greatly saves unnecessary time and cost, this ensures the safety and transparency of all processes and can be integrated. All important traceback data are called within the system in the shortest possible time.

The specific utility of using the CSB backtracking system:
· Meet legal requirements · Obligation to meet the company's careful attention to product quality · Transparent corporate information flow, product flow, internal logistics and warehouse management system · Seamless products that meet food industry regulations and quality requirements · Process quickly and efficiently Crisis Situation • Effectively distinguish redundant information, avoid time-consuming and labor-intensive • Safe retrospective system Optimize business processes, significantly reduce costs CSB will soon participate in the Packaging 2006 Food Safety Forum and look forward to meeting you face-to-face!

Source: Packaging Machinery

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