Screen printing UV ink use and precautions (3)

2. Interlaminar peeling

When the ink is printed, if the ink level of the lower layer is cured, the adhesion to the ink of the upper layer is reduced. In this case, adjust the curing conditions.

3. Thermal deformation

Due to the heat of UV irradiation, adhesive labels and films will be ten-folded and deformed. In particular, dark inks such as blacks are more easily curled and deformed due to their heat absorbing properties. Please adjust the UV irradiation conditions and study the cooling device.

4. Mesh traces with conveyor

After passing through the UV irradiator, the mesh surface of the mesh belt conveyor may remain on the printed surface. In particular, this phenomenon is apt to occur on black inks and sheet materials because the heating is uneven. Please replace the conveyor.

5. Correctly store UV screen printing ink

UV inks should be stored in a cool, dark place. In this storage condition, the ink quality is usually within about one year. When stored at a temperature of more than 30°C, gelation and thickening of the ink can easily occur. Never put the ink in a container.

6. Stirring

Before the UV ink is removed from the container, it must be stirred. Due to the separation of a small amount of ingredients in the ink, it can be evenly stirred. The viscosity-increasing ink in storage can be returned to its original viscosity by stirring.
7. Mixed use of ink

In general, it cannot be mixed with other series of UV inks.

Compared with previous printing, UV ink printing has many complicated factors. If UV irradiation machines, ink printing and printing conditions cannot meet the requirements, satisfactory printing results are often not obtained.

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network


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