Water-based plastic woven bag ink formula and process (I)

A, aminated resin liquid formula

1.R101 resin

Name Quantity (copies)

R101 resin 35

Industrial ethanol 40

Ammonia 8

Deionized 7

Second, amination resin process

Third, water-based woven bag ink formula

1, water-based black woven bag ink formula:

Name Quantity (parts) Unit Price

R101 resin solution 50 5.20

Isopropyl alcohol 19 8.80

Water 4

Carbon black 10 5.20

Hua Lan 1.5

Qinglian 0.5

Emulsion 20 14.00

Defoamer 0.5 28.00

Waterborne wax 4.5 10.00

2, red

Name Quantity (copies)

R101 resin solution 55

Ethanol 18

198 Lizard Red 8

Water 4

Waterborne wax 4.5

Emulsion 10

Defoamer 0.5

3, dark green

Name Quantity (copies)

R101 resin solution 55

Ethanol 18

Turnip 8

Water 4

Waterborne wax 4.5

Emulsion 10

Defoamer 0.5

4, Tianlan

Name &

Para cord

Military spec 550 cords constructed of 100% nylon with 7 strand high strength core covered by a polyester smooth jacket yielding a minimum tensile strength of 550 pounds. Braided sheath has a high number of interwoven strands for its size, giving it a relatively smooth texture. It is available in assorted colors and all have white core strands. These smaller cords can be used in a wide range of applications from tie-down straps to braided bracelets and any other non-life-safety applications.



• Soft-hand feel

• Good stretch and versatility

•Seven strand Hi - tensile cord is rated at 550 lb

• Ideal rope for outdoor utility applications


Description of Para cord

1. Name: Para cord 550 Parachute Cord Lanyard Rope

2. Material: PP (Polypropylene), Polyester, Nylon

3. Over 100 colors for your choice.

4. Length: 50ft, 100 feet is standard packing.

5. Most popular: 4mm, 7 inner strands, 3 ply twisted line, strength 550LBS

6. Packing: Coil, Hank, Bundle, Reel, Shell Color Bag
7. Diameter Range: 2mm-32mm
8. Structure: 8-Strand, 16-Strand, 24-Strand, 32-Strand, 48-Stran


paracord rope

rope bracelet

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Para Cord

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