UV coating common faults and troubleshooting (10)

Tenth, not attached to the surface of non-absorbent materials

1, the cause of the failure

1 Non-absorbent printing materials (such as PE, PET, BOPP, etc.) are mostly non-polar materials and have poor surface wetting ability. If surface corona treatment is not performed, it is difficult to adhere.

2UV Varnish is not suitable for its formulation, high shrinkage, poor flexibility, adhesion, and substrate wetting.

3 Insufficient intensity of the light source failed to completely cure.

2, elimination method

1 thorough and complete photocuring, especially the bottom of the infiltration and curing, adhesion adhesion is a prerequisite.

2 The corona treatment on the surface of the polyolefin material is required to achieve a surface tension of about 38 to 40 dyne (380 to 400 μN/cm).

3 Need to purchase or formulate special UV varnish, can not use ordinary paper print varnish, varnish should increase urethane acrylate and chlorinated polyester acrylate and other ingredients.

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