45-year-old Faye Wong lived in Nicholas Tse's nude makeup tips

After the media photographed Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse in a photo of a sweet kiss in Beijing, they continued to photograph the two people eating hot pot, doing massage and eating hot spicy scenes! The 45-year-old goddess Faye Wong still looks beautiful! Usually pay attention to beauty and skin care, fresh and natural nude makeup also adds a lot of charm to her!
Naked makeup tips
Tip 1: The skin is oil-free
If you want to "make up" beautifully and age, the texture and moisture of the skin must be good enough! Before you put on makeup, it is best to adjust your skin to the best condition, apply some moisturizing lotion or makeup. Pre-milk can make the skin more supple and better. If it is oily skin, you can also use some oil control moisturizing products. Do not directly apply foundation or BB cream on dry skin. If this is done, you will become a dry sister instantly.
Tip 2: Shimmering makeup
Compared to the subtle finish, the matte finish is more suitable for elegant, dignified or capable temperament. Therefore, it is a good choice to look fresh and youthful with a subtle light. If you want to create a natural light-sensing muscle, you need to make the base makeup light enough, and you must not have a hoarse white cake face that has no stereoscopic effect.
When you choose the base makeup, you can try to choose a thin color type that is closer to your skin color. If the gloss is not enough, you can use a beauty pen with a light sensation to brighten the nose and the raised parts of the face to create a three-dimensional light effect. However, the gloss is definitely not equal to the oily oil! If you usually love oil, you should pay special attention to the management of the skin's oil secretion, otherwise the big oil face with the backdrop of pearl light, it is not perfect.
Tip 3: Transparent blush
Since the makeup is a clear, low-light sensation, the blush must conform to this style. Look at the pink skin color of Fei Jie, just choose the light pink blush of the pink color, gently sweep it from top to bottom under the cheekbones and below, and naturally obey. The light and transparent color is matched with the slightly natural base makeup, absolutely fresh!
Tip 4: Thin and beautiful lips
In order to match the clear nude makeup, the lip makeup should be as clear as possible. The tender color of the powder also has a slight pearly sensation, and there is no sense of heavyness and burden. Avoid overweight lip makeup that looks heavy makeup or not refreshing visual effects, absolutely age!>>>Xie Weifeng Wang Fei compound Cecilia Cheung crying

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