Floor tiles ranked top ten brands of floor tiles

Floor tiles are now one of the most common types of floor decoration materials, not only because of the affordable price, but also the biggest advantage is that the paving effect is good, and it is easy to take care of. In recent years, many owners have gradually deepened their understanding of ceramic floor tiles, and have also selected their own unique insights. However, not every owner knows ceramic floor tiles very well. Although the top ten brands of ceramic floor tiles currently look at the basic stereotypes, many owners are still vague. The following floor tile ranking is learned from the floor tile ranking network, let us take a look!

Floor tile ranking 1: Marco Polo

Marco Polo, the brand was founded in 1988, the main products include Marco Polo tiles, 1295 leisure antique tiles, E stone generation, geographical stone, microcrystalline stone, 3D inkjet tiles, cultural ceramic handmade tiles, Marco Polo polished tiles, Marco Polo bathroom, etc It is one of the most complete ceramic products brands in China. Known as "China Famous Brand", "China Famous Brand", "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Top Ten Floor Tile Brands", "Top 500 Most Valuable Brands" and other titles.

Floor tile ranking 2: Dongpeng

Dongpeng, founded in 1972, after 39 years of hard work and innovation, has become a leader in the Chinese ceramics industry. High-quality products and high-quality services have been well received by consumers. "Dongpeng" brand was rated as "China Famous Brand", "China Well-known Trademark", the only "indicative brand in the Chinese building ceramics industry" in the industry for three consecutive times, and the "China 500 Most Valuable Brand" for eight times, it is a brand value industry tallest.

Floor tile ranking 3: Nobel Nabel

Nobel, established in Hangzhou in 1992, Nobel's investment exceeds 200 million yuan, and its annual sales are 4.7 billion. The sales have ranked first in the country for seven consecutive years and become the leader of high-end ceramic tile brands in China. Known as "China's well-known trademark", "China's famous brand", "China's top ten brands of ceramic tiles" and other goodwill.

Floor tile ranking 4: Mona Lisa

China Well-known Trademark, China Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, Guangdong Famous Brand, National Key High-tech Enterprise, Guangdong Mona Lisa Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 5: Guanzhu

China Well-known Trademark, China Famous Brand, Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province, China's 500 Most Valuable Brands, Top Ten Floor Tile Brands, New Mingzhu Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 6: New Zhongyuan

China's well-known trademarks, China's famous brands, China's large-scale modern building ceramics production enterprises, top ten brands of floor tiles, Guangdong Xinzhongyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 7: champion

Founded in 1972 in Taiwan, the top ten brands of floor tiles, famous brands in Taiwan, well-known brands in the industry, large multinational enterprises, Xinyi Ceramics (China) Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 8: Eagle EAGLE

China's well-known trademarks, China's ceramic industry brand, Guangdong Province's top ten brands of floor tiles, China's top 500 building materials enterprises ,, Guangdong Yingpai Ceramics Group Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 9: Oceano

Well-known trademark in China, famous brand in Guangdong Province, key high-tech enterprise of National Torch Program, famous trademark in Guangdong Province, Foshan Oshino Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Floor tile ranking 10: Hongyu

Guangdong Famous Brand Products, Famous Brands in Guangdong Province, Famous Brands for Export in Guangdong, Top Ten Floor Tile Brands, Large Modern Ceramic Enterprises, Guangdong Hongyu Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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