Simple and elegant Bai Desheng Hongyun cloakroom

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] classical and novel, elegant and simple; soft European classical and modern minimalist style design, simple and beautiful shape, retro copper handle, European exquisite and delicate feelings at a glance, you guess this period Xiaobian recommended to you What style of wardrobe , yes! It is --- Bai Desheng Hongyun cloakroom.

ROUND.1: Product Overview

Product: Auchan Elegant Series Hongyun Cloakroom

Brand: Bai Desheng

ROUND.2: overall style appearance


This classical red wardrobe is undoubtedly a model of the distinguished department. The cabinet is made of E1 grade medium-density fiberboard, which is guaranteed to be healthy and with the European-style Roman column design, giving a feeling of luxury. Exquisite Roman columns and decorative lines make the whole family filled with a rich European atmosphere alumni, just like being in a fairy tale.

ROUND.3: Plate

Edge banding: See the edge of the light layer board with the same color wooden decorative strip design, unified with the overall style of the wardrobe, European style rich. The German Haomai heavy-duty machine edge banding machine is used, and the edge banding is tightly combined with the plate, and the transition is smooth.

Paterson cloakroom

Cabinet: The entire wardrobe is designed with European style, carved Roman columns, exquisite top lines, crepe lines, baseboards and drawers for a low-key luxury panel. If you admire the simple style, you can also choose a simple carved road when you customize.

Cloakroom evaluation

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