Singapore Post launches 3D printing service at Xinda City's new concept post office


Singapore Post – SingPost (SingPost) is Singapore's national postal service operator, which is launching a new generation of post offices across the island, a part of its ongoing efforts to transform the post office network. New Post last week (first week of October) launched the eighth new concept post office at Suntec City Mall. In this post office, small businesses and end consumers can try a new 3D printing service that prints cost-effective prototypes and custom objects.

Customers use 3D scanners to print customizable 3D portraits, as well as custom 3D printed gifts such as accessories and figurines. New Post is working with 3D Matters to pilot this 3D printing service at a charge of: SGD19.90 ($16) pendant or bracelet, full body portrait to SGD459 ($359).

A statement issued on October 3, Singapore Post Group said that they plan to reshape the post office to make it a modern, efficient "vibrant living center" to meet the e-commerce and digital needs of customers.

Dr. Wolfgang Baier, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Post Group, said: "Our new generation of customers are digital, online and on the move, and the post office they want is a digital integration experience."

Beginning in March 2014, New Post began to integrate digital access basic services at its post office. In the next few years, all post offices will undergo major surgery and a 24-hour automated kiosk will be built to allow customers 24-hour access. In addition to 3D printing, customers can also view stamps and other philatelic products on their tablets before purchasing. New post office service stations such as POPStation, SAM (self-service machines), and ezy2ship kiosks allow customers to prepare their own mailing labels to track packages, postage calculations or find post offices on their mobile phones.

Mr. Elvin Too, Vice President of Products, Services and Networks, Post Office of New Post, said: “We are innovating for the future, and our customer needs are constantly changing. This innovative platform is a testing platform for providing new services at post offices in the future, such as 3D printing. This will ensure that the post office can continue to provide services to Singapore."


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