The rise and application of ultra-low temperature cryogenic test chamber

With the continuous development and advancement of science and technology, human beings are increasingly demanding environmental tests. With the existing relevant temperature testing standards, most of the tests require a low temperature of minus 40 degrees, which is equivalent to the temperature in the Mohe area of ​​Heilongjiang, but the environmental climate is Constantly changing, the low temperature in the Far East of Russia has reached minus 50 degrees, while the temperature of the surface of the moon is minus 190 degrees, and the storage requirements of cells are carried out at minus 196 degrees. Therefore, the ultra-low temperature test chamber and ultra-low temperature technology should be transported. Born, it has been widely developed and applied.

The traditional test chamber uses the refrigeration method of compressor refrigeration, and whether it is air-cooled refrigeration technology or water-cooled refrigeration technology, including cascade refrigeration technology, the ultimate cooling temperature is negative 83 degrees, and the compressor refrigeration technology obviously cannot meet the demand. Companies must have a solid core competency to avoid elimination. Beijing Yashilin Testing Equipment Co., Ltd., which has many years of experience in R&D of environmental testing equipment, has been insisting on independent product technology research and development, continuous innovation, and forging ahead. It has successfully developed ultra-low temperature cryogenic test chambers using liquid nitrogen and composite refrigeration technology and applied for multiple applications. Technical patents have formed significant advantages on the technical level. At present, the ultra-low temperature limit refrigeration temperature is minus 220 degrees, and the temperature point can be arbitrarily set and adjusted in the temperature range, and has the advantages of fast temperature rise and fall rate, accurate temperature control, easy operation and maintenance.

The ultra-low temperature test chamber is an important environmental test equipment in the fields of aerospace, electronic medical, scientific research, etc., filling a number of domestic blanks.


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