Quality of wooden crates requires attention

According to investigations, some wood packing boxes use companies that do not investigate foreign quarantine and disposal requirements for wooden crate packaging and are fortunate enough to be sent abroad. This category is the type of outbound wooden packaging most popularized by foreign countries. For example, a company in Zhangjiagang didn’t pay enough attention to Bulgaria’s participation in the EU in 2008, and believed that the consignee did not fumigate the request for fumigation, and saved costs, resulting in inconsistency. The quarantine requirements of the insured party were passed by the insured party BGR1. Eventually only the disposal can be destroyed.

The inspection and quarantine section prompts enterprises that, at present, all major commercial countries and regions have successively adopted the international specifications of wooden crates, and have formulated their own wooden warehousing crate quarantine measures. For this reason, the signing of foreign trade should not ignore the phytosanitary regulations of the importing country’s authorities. It is required that before the export of wooden crates, quarantine treatment shall be carried out and the IPPC mark shall be added. The products of wooden crates shall be consulted and quarantined and disposed of by the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau as soon as possible. We must also closely observe the customs clearance and other information after the export of goods to ensure smooth export business.

Xiao Bian believes that if more companies not only pay attention to the quality of the packaging box, they will believe that development will be better.

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