Problems in using latex paint and how to solve it (1)

With the development of the economy and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, people's demands for indoor environment are getting higher and higher, and latex paint as decorative materials has also developed rapidly. Latex paint is favored by people because of its light color, scrubbing, non-toxic and tasteless, no environmental pollution and convenient construction.

However, there are some vague understandings when people choose to use latex paint. The following are some of the problems that should be noted when using latex paint for reference.

First, a brief description of latex paint

Latex paint is made up of synthetic resin with O.1-0.5μ ultrafine particles dispersed in water to form an emulsion (adding an appropriate amount of emulsifier), using emulsion as the main film-forming substance and adding appropriate amount of pigment, filler and auxiliary materials. coating.

Foreign latex paint has been produced as a commodity for nearly 50 years, especially in the past 30 years, it has developed rapidly:

In terms of output, the amount of latex paint is greater than the paint. Latex paint in paints in the United States has accounted for 90%, and external accounts for about 70%, and sales are increasing at an annual rate of about 10%.

In terms of quality, the performance of latex paint is continuously improved, and the hardness, scrub resistance, weather resistance and leveling property of the coating film are good. In recent years, in addition to improving the formula, people also pay attention to the process research, which provides technical guarantee for the production of high-quality latex paint.

In terms of varieties, new products continue to emerge, but the main varieties are still two major categories of vinyl acetate and acrylic, and mainly based on thermoplastics.

In addition to the use of latex paint in addition to the interior and exterior walls of the building, wood latex paint, metal rust emulsion paint is gradually accepted.

In recent years, the development of domestic latex paints has also been faster. At present, the latex paint commonly used in China is basically the same as that of foreign countries, namely, vinyl acetate and acrylic acid. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion paint is processed by using polyvinyl acrylate emulsion, titanium dioxide and light calcium carbonate as main raw materials. These coatings have good adhesion and hiding power, but they are poor in water resistance and can only be made into flat light, so they are only suitable for interior decoration.

Vinyl acetate-acrylic latex paint (referred to as ethylene-propylene latex paint) due to the introduction of acrylate. It is much better in performance than polyester latex paint, so it can be applied to indoor and outdoor coating.

Pure acrylic emulsion paint is ideal for performance and properties compared to other latex paints. It can be used to make flat, semi-gloss and bright light, as well as indoor or outdoor.

Styrene-acrylic latex paint (referred to as styrene-acrylic latex paint), which is made of styrene instead of some acrylate. This kind of coating has excellent water resistance and weather resistance, and the price is cheaper than pure acrylic latex paint. It is widely used in interior and exterior wall decoration in various light types. It is popular in Europe and Japan, and it is also a high-grade latex paint commonly used in China.

Second, how to choose latex paint

There are many varieties of latex paints, and the formulas of different manufacturers are different. The production process is different, so its performance and decorative effect are very different. What kind of latex paint is used for decoration? This is a problem that people often ask.

At present, there are a large number of imported latex paints on the market, and their prices range from 40-50 yuan/kg. The general reasonable dosage is 50 square meters / kg, the raw material cost is 8-10 yuan / square meter, plus other raw materials and construction costs, the general cost is 20 yuan / square meter, the construction of a set of 60 square meters Two rooms and one hall will cost 3000~4000 yuan. Because the coating film is very thin, the surface strength is not high, and it is easy to be damaged by hard objects such as tables and chairs. Although it can be scrubbed with a damp cloth after staining, it still leaves a slight residue, so the latex paint is still used after 5-6 years. Need to be renovated again. I believe that as long as the selection of high-grade paint can be long-lasting to ensure clean and beautiful, not damaged, is a wrong view. The working class spends thousands of dollars, and the choices that need to be updated in a few years are not the best choice. The author believes that foreign paint is only used in domestic latex paint for leveling, fineness and color matching. In fact, some foreign paints use domestic emulsions. In domestic production, there are only foreign producers who affix foreign trademarks. The consumable materials such as latex paint do not need to use foreign products at all. Domestically produced products such as Okos latex paint produced by Shanghai Huili Group, Fengcai brand series latex paint produced by Jiangsu Academy of Building Research, etc. Quite good, and the price is only one-half or one-third of the "foreign paint", so when decorating the living room, it is suitable to buy cheap domestic paint.

In the decoration process, latex paint should also be selected from three angles.

Decorative effect

The role of latex paint is mainly decoration, in addition to the overall design, color selection, and the performance of latex paint has a considerable relationship. The leveling property of the latex paint, the color, the light type, and the feel of the hand directly affect the decorative effect.

2. Select latex paint according to the location of the place of use

The latex paint should be selected based on the requirements of the latex paint performance in different places. Such as hotels, restaurants and some office buildings with high requirements for interior walls, generally use high-end varieties. Ordinary office buildings, factories and other places where the requirements are not high, ordinary latex paint can be used. Under the engineering, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, ground floor and other places with high waterproof requirements, you should choose a latex paint with good waterproof performance.

3. Investment cost is the basis for choosing latex paint

Obviously, the level of the price determines the grade of the product. However, it should also be analyzed on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the economy does not allow it, it can be used in conjunction. Generally speaking, the wall is easy to get wet and dirty, and the environment needs to be scrubbed. High-grade latex paint can be used, and the top surface can be selected with low-grade latex paint. For home decoration, the living room is easy to be defaced, the kitchen and toilet are high in humidity, and high-grade paints resistant to scrubbing and waterproofing should be used, and ordinary latex paint can be used in the bedroom. Of course, if the economy allows, the same type of materials can be used to maintain overall consistency.

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