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In recent years, China’s national economy has developed rapidly, and the demand for corrugated boxes for packaging products has also increased year by year. Although the carton industry in China has exceeded supply in some areas, many carton factories operate at low profit, but many companies still have to go on production lines. There are generally two types of tile lines purchased. One is that large manufacturers renew their existing equipment to make the production equipment more up-to-date. This type of manufacturer is generally because the production capacity of the original equipment cannot meet the current demand. Production needs; the other is the new entry into the carton manufacturers, such manufacturers in the purchase of the production line, but also for land acquisition, plant construction and transformation, the investment is very large. No matter which type of manufacturer, it is necessary to make a lot of research work before going online and make a feasibility analysis to get a production line with reasonable performance and price.

Preparation before purchasing the production line

Before purchasing the production line, a procurement team should be specially organized to hire experienced personnel who are involved in the use of the production line to make a feasibility analysis of what is and what the production line is.

Understand the amount of potential users and the amount of potential users and the corresponding carton specifications

Analyze the production plan to see how many prospective users there are, how many potential users in the future, how much they use, and the specifications of the carton they are using. Determine the production line to be selected based on the above factors, that is, to achieve a certain width. And speed production line. According to the current capital situation, it is decided to choose the degree of automation of the equipment. Under normal circumstances, the annual output of production can be calculated according to the actual average speed of the production line. The actual average speed of the production line can be calculated as 50% of the maximum production speed of the production line. If a 1.6m wide production line, the maximum production speed of 100m/min, in order to save energy, two shifts per day, the annual work of 300 days, the production line of the annual output of 100 × 50% × 60 × 8 × 300 × 1.6 x 2 = 23.04 million m2. The total output is based on the five-layer corrugated sheet. The average price of the five-story corrugated paperboard in 2004 was 3.54 yuan/m2, and 3.54 yuan/m2 x 23.04 million m2=81.56 million yuan.

Based on the above two basic empirical formulas, through the analysis of the cartons and cartons' specifications of the research team aimed at the users and potential users, it is basically possible to determine what speed and width of the production line should be.

Hire relevant experts

As a newly-lined carton factory, because it does not understand the carton production process and machinery and equipment, it is necessary to hire experts with practical experience in this side as advisors, give technical guidance, and give advice when buying. Be sure to carefully select helpers, which is essential for the smooth purchase of equipment.

Analysis of the status of investment

With the participation and assistance of experts, after a feasibility analysis is performed, the annual output, output value, profit, and time for recovering investment costs should be estimated as accurately as possible. According to your financial capacity, determine the size and grade of the building and determine the scale and grade of the production line. If the funds are sufficient and the amount of quasi-users is large, the high-end production line will be used; otherwise, the grade of purchase will be reduced.

After completing the above preparations, we can enter the market research stage, and we can conduct on-the-spot investigation into the manufacturers of corrugated board production lines.

Machinery manufacturer's research

There are more than 20 manufacturers of corrugated board production lines in China. The production, management and management levels of each company are different, and the product varieties, specifications and grades produced are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to make market adjustments and carry out the choice of “comparisons” so that we can choose our own production line with reasonable performance and reasonable prices. The fieldwork to the manufacturer generally requires the following work.

1 Visit the site to the actual production capacity, production methods, production scale, and management level of the manufacturer. These are important factors that determine the quality of the products produced by the factory.

2 Determine the speed and width of the equipment to be used according to the feasibility analysis, understand the equipment type and structure of the manufacturer, and meet the purchase requirements.

3 In the case of meeting the requirements, determine the equipment configuration, and ask the manufacturer to follow the configuration quotations, and treat each other with sincerity and reach the final price agreed upon by both parties.

4 Understand the delivery date of the plant, and how long it takes to receive delivery after receiving the advance payment.

5 payment methods: how to allocate prepayments, several payments, how to deliver.

6 The mode of transport, if any transport costs occur, how to coordinate this cost should be agreed in advance.

7 determine the equipment installation, commissioning program.

8 To clarify the purpose and method of after-sales service.

9 How does the plant evaluate other equipment manufacturing plants and production equipment? This item shows the integrity of the plant.
10 Under the working conditions of visiting the production line, the user will be informed of the product's performance and after-sales service's reflection and evaluation.

It is necessary to have a broad understanding of the manufacturer and choose a manufacturer with integrity, high management level, excellent product quality and prompt after-sales service. Only in this way can a relatively ideal production line be chosen.

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