Make-up creates a rhododendron pearl charm

I understand the beautiful philosophy that Yu Sai specializes in tailoring skin for Chinese women. With the successful cooperation experience of “Yu Xi Liu Jin Fei Wu” in 2009, I hope that through this limited edition makeup this year, I can share my experience in fashion, beauty and luxury goods with my Chinese women’s journey. .

Two new products named Pearl Yao Cai four color makeup box and pearl radiant shell color lipstick

The two new products are named Pearl Shinzo Four Color Makeup Box and Pearl Shine Bay Color Lipstick. I would like to treat them as a holiday gift to add glory to the special moment of 2010!

The idea of ​​pearl brilliance comes from my growing experience and my life perception – I believe that all women are like pearls.

Everything is about "accidental" and "persistence."

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