Shanghai Shen Wei Da Launches "Intelligent Digital Display Cutter"

SQZX920NW intelligent digital display paper cutter has aroused widespread concern among colleagues in the printing industry at home and abroad.

This product has 4 major features:

First, human-computer dialogue was achieved. The machine uses 240,128 dot matrix large-screen blue liquid crystal display as human-machine interface. On the screen, Chinese is used to display the current position of the paper feeder, the target position of the paper feeder, and operation hints. The operator can input or store the size of the paper feeder to be positioned through the keyboard and the display, and can command the paper feeder to be positioned by pressing a key.

Second, the machine has a 100-knife cut size stock, can run automatically, and has a memory function.
Third, the machine implements the positioning of the paper feeder and the positioning error reaches ±3mm.

Fourth, the machine greatly improved the degree of automation and production efficiency compared to the general number of significant paper cutters, reduced the labor intensity of the workers, and was cost-effective.

Shanghai Shenwei Da Machinery Co., Ltd. applied for a patent for “Smart Digital Display Controller for Paper Cutter” for this new model. The core technology of this machine has its own intellectual property rights, which has helped China's paper cutting machine to enter the international market.

Source: VIP Information

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