Temperature-regulating pharmaceutical aluminum foil gravure coating

Huaqing Enterprise Group developed high temperature resistant 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C, 220°C, 230°C, 240°C, 250°C series of medicinal aluminum foil gravure printing varnish products to make up for our country's traditional varnish The lack of (commonly known as paint), despite its own design (domestic materials) and production in Guangdong, but its quality indicators can be comparable with the price of domestic products several times the number of DIC.

For example, when the total amount of solvent residue does not exceed 10.0 mg/m2, the residual solvent amount cannot exceed 3.0 mg/m2 and the metal must not exceed 1 part per million. The easy-to-use oxide sodium thiosulfate 0.01 mol/L. When the titration reaches the end point, add 0.25 ml of the starch indicator solution to five colors. In addition to the blank solution of the same operation, the consumption of titrants must not exceed 1.5 ml. Although the main function of the aluminum foil coating (coating) is to coat all the finished or multi-color overprinted finished bovine products, coat (gravure or roll) a protective layer for the purpose of packaging printing. Product surface gloss is good, beautiful and resistant to acid and alkali. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the printed ink ink film, which not only increases the surface hardness of the printed products, but also has a certain degree of flexibility, but also can increase the packaging printing product quality rate, improve the high added value of pharmaceutical packaging, and effectively ensure the pharmaceutical Products are not affected by the external environment and affect the function of the drug itself. The traditional test is based on GB/2255-90, but it only has five specifications: volatiles, differences in the amount of adhesive coating, heat sealing temperature, and heat resistance of the protective layer. It is far from the current international standards. The provisions are similar. Now, the main reference for the development of high temperature resistant pharmaceutical aluminum foil varnish products of Huaqing Enterprise is:

First, (1) Identification/IR spectroscopy; (2) Appearance: Barrier properties (water vapor and oxygen); (3) Mechanical properties; (4) Heat sealing strength of composite bags (double and multiple layers); Solvent residue volume; (6) Pressure resistance of the bag (heat-seal bag and other bags); (7) Drop performance of the bag and total mass and drop height of the contents; (8) Dissolution test: heavy metal, oxygen susceptibility, Non-volatiles; (9) Microbial limits (general composite membranes, composite membranes outside bags, bags, suppository composite membranes, bags); (10) Abnormal toxicity.

Second, the composite film and bag for pharmaceutical packaging General Rules YBB00132002 stipulates that the composite film refers to a film formed by combining various plastics with paper, metal or other plastics through an adhesive (such as a hot melt), and its thickness is generally not more than 0. 25mm; A bag made of a compound bag-type compound film by a heat-sealing method is divided into a three-side seal bag, a middle seal bag, an organ bag, and a zipper bag according to the form of the bag. It is in accordance with the above regulations that classification of composite membranes, barrier properties, mechanical properties, drop performance, microbial limit indicators, dimensional deviations, and physical measurements have increased the detection of physical and chemical indicators. Varnish must reach 180 °C -250 °C to meet the pharmaceutical packaging film, bag general requirements, or easy oxide excessive. The printing ink graphic ink film does not change color, does not fade, does not fade, does not sidelight, after coating, the transparency and the printing ink affinity is good, especially the smoothness and smoothness of the flow is good, and it will not be caused by the coating oil after coating. Resistance to die cutting or filming is too hard to hurt the knife, and can withstand the mechanical impact during embossing and punching.

The product system of Huaqing High-temperature Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Varnish, in the strict solubility, hydrogen bonding force, surface tension, electrical resistance, volatilization rate and evaporation rate, the appropriate amount of wetting agent is introduced to facilitate the coating of oil. The affinity of the ink film with the printing ink after film formation. Its purpose is to assist pharmaceutical packaging and printing units to bypass technical barriers and to achieve theoretical scientific and standardization of aluminum foil coatings (also known as protective agents and coatings).

In addition to the above-mentioned technical standards, the product is operated in the same way as the conventional varnishes, and only needs to be adjusted to a higher temperature. Of course, strict use of clean materials, use of clean equipment and facilities, use of clean packaging containers, and the use of material resources that can be recycled or recycled, use of simple processes and strict control of material loss to reduce pollutant emissions, The resulting waste is harmless, resource-efficient and minimized.

Author: Liu poly

Source: China Packaging News

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