Expired milk can be used to maintain furniture

If the milk is out of date, don't throw it away, you can use it to maintain the furniture .

Use a clean rag to dip into the milk, then use the rag to wipe the table, chair, TV cabinet, etc., the furniture will be very shiny. After the milk has penetrated for a while, you must remember to wipe it again with water, otherwise there will be milk odor in the milk.

The furniture technical engineer showed that the milk contains a certain amount of oil, so it has a certain decontamination and moisturizing effect on leather or wooden furniture.

In addition, the white vinegar and hot water are mixed in a ratio of 1:1, and the same decontamination effect can be achieved by gently wiping the surface of the furniture with a soft cloth. If the stain is difficult to remove, let the vinegar water stay on the smudge surface for a while.

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