Discussion on the relationship between wine bottles and wine

Bottle capacity affects the aging of the wine. The larger the wine bottle, the longer it takes to store it. Vials of wine means drinking as soon as possible.

When buying wine, pay attention to the height of the wine in the bottle. If it is new wine, the exertion of wine will be very low. If you find that this so-called new wine is "not enough", then it should be noted that this bottle of wine may have no cellar. Of course, if the age of the wine is greater, it will evaporate more than new wine.

Old wine Pauillac - Mouton Rothschild 1962 New wine Bordeaux - Emilio 2005

Cork stoppers prevent contact between wine and air. When storing, the bottle should be laid flat and the wine body should be in contact with the cork, so that the cork stays moist and does not dry out. This ensures the bottle's tightness. When the cork has dried, the air will enter the bottle and the wine will begin to play. The wine that comes in contact with the air quickly oxidizes, losing its original taste and quality.

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