Do you know about the sight, touch and hearing of wood?

The visual wood of wood gives a visual sense of harmony because the wood absorbs the ultraviolet rays in the sun (below 380 nm) and reduces the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body. At the same time, the wood can reflect infrared rays (above 780 nm). One of the direct reasons for creating a sense of warmth.

The feeling of warmth and coldness of the surface of the material by the tactile person of the wood is mainly determined by the thermal conductivity of the material. Materials with a large thermal conductivity, such as concrete members, exhibit a cool touch, and polystyrene foams with a small thermal conductivity exhibit a warm feeling. The wood has a moderate thermal conductivity and gives the person the warmest feeling. This is the tactile harmony of the wood.

When the sound of the wood acts on the surface of the wood, part of it is reflected, part of it is absorbed by the vibration of the wood itself, and part of it is transmitted. 90% of the reflections are mainly soft mid-low frequency sound waves, while the absorbed high-frequency sound waves are harsh. Therefore, in our living space, the proper application of wood can make us feel the harmony of hearing. Wood is the material of choice for halls, concert halls and recording studios that require acoustic quality to adjust for optimal hearing.

The humidity control property of wood is one of its unique characteristics. When the humidity of the surrounding environment changes, the wood itself can obtain the equilibrium moisture content, and can absorb or release the water, directly mitigating the change of the indoor space humidity. The results of the study show that it is appropriate to maintain a relative humidity of 45% to 60% in the human living environment. The right humidity allows for comfort and minimizes the survival time of planktonic bacteria in the air. The idea that a wooden house is equivalent to a sterilization box is not unreasonable.

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