The difference, advantages and disadvantages of redwood, ebony, red sandalwood and chicken wing wood

1: First of all, this mahogany. According to the current "national standard", redwood is divided into five categories and eight categories, including the ebony, red sandalwood and chicken wing wood mentioned later, which are collectively referred to as mahogany. However, there is only one type of wood name that can be called "redwood", that is, "old mahogany." The reason why the word "old" is added in the south is not to say that it is the wood that was preserved in the early years. This understanding is wrong, but to distinguish the so-called mahogany wood.

2: Regarding this ebony, it is also a type of wood, such as ebony thick ebony wool ebony ebony ebony.

3: The red sandalwood is actually divided into many kinds, like mahogany. If it is not good, it will be fooled. Rosewood is classified by the Chinese Tree Taxonomy as "Phoebe genus, about fifteen species." But there is only one kind of rosewood in the true sense, that is, what we call "small leaf rosewood."

The lobular rosewood is a genus of sandalwood and is best in Indian rosewood. The earliest record of red sandalwood is Jin Cui Bao's "Ancient and Modern Notes", which is called "red sandalwood, out of Funan, and color purple, also known as red sandalwood."

The red sandalwood can't be made into a material for a thousand years, and it is often said that "the ten sandal nine air", the largest rosewood diameter is only about 20 centimeters, its preciousness can be imagined. Among the various hardwoods, the redwood is the finest wood, and the wood is the heaviest. The lobular sandalwood pattern is not obvious, the color is orange-red at first, and the dark purple lacquer for a long time, almost no annual ring pattern. The vascular pattern is extremely thin and has a skein-like shape such as a cow's hair. And lobular rosewood is still a valuable Chinese medicine, recorded in the "Compendium of Materia Medica", red sandalwood can stop bleeding, relieve pain, regulate blood.

"Purple" means Xiangrui, and with the excellent woodiness and rarity of the red sandalwood, the rosewood is cherished by the royal family in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The emperors of the two dynasties did not hesitate to pay a lot of money, and gathered the world's skilled craftsmen to create a variety of rosewood furniture and ornaments. These things were the best at the time, let alone passed on to the present? Adding to these, it seems that the rosewood has been covered with a more mysterious color. In fact, European and American people pay more attention to the degree of red sandalwood than in China. It is said that there is a 15 cm long red sandalwood model in front of Napoleon's tomb. Visitors are all surprised and envious, and think it is rare. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the rosewood is "inch-inch gold".

The wood flower of the lobular rosewood is placed in the white wine, and the wood flower will immediately decompose into a pink color, and form a relatively sticky gel with the wine, which can be connected into a line when dumped. This is an effective way to identify rosewood.

4: Chicken wing wood: chicken wing wood, also known as "鸂鶒木" or "杞梓木", its wooden texture resembles chicken wings, hence the name. "Chinese Tree Taxonomy" introduced: "Chicken wing genus Red Bean, about forty species, there are twenty-six species growing in China." It can be seen that today's chicken wing wood furniture is not the same species. Chicken wing wood also has a new and old age, the texture of the old man is delicate, there are purple and brown shades of crab claws, look closely like chicken wings. Especially the longitudinal section, the wood grain is slender and floating, and the change is endless. Naturally, various landscapes and landscape patterns are formed. The new ones are rough wood, the texture is turbid, the dryness is dull, and it is easy to smash.

The real old chicken wing wood has long since disappeared. Now we have seen the chicken wing wood from Fujian and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Africa and other places, the price is comparable to the grass pear.

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