Some large cosmetic bottle packaging products are popular

In recent years, the cosmetic bottle packaging market has been dominated by beautiful and compact shapes. However, this situation is quietly changing, and some cosmetics with longer shelf life begin to use large cosmetic bottles. The advantage of this is the price, which is more affordable than the small bottles of cosmetics and is welcomed by the market. It is believed that under the global economic environment, products packaged in this way will receive more choices from people.

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Doy Pack also call stand up bag has long been used as an excellent replacement for traditional bag-in-box packaging . Doy pack are quickly becoming a staple in the flexible packaging industry for their great shelf display abilities.. TheseDoy packs are used for packaging o foodstuff (i.e. coffee, tea, spices, dried fruit, nuts, juice, mayonnaise, candy, etc.), seeds, chemicals, tobacco, etc.  Our stand up pouches can come with or without degassing valves to suit your packaging needs. These stand up bags are available in various sizes and colors 

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