Considerations for buying toys for your baby

A good toy can not only inspire the child's intelligence, but also train various sensory functions such as touch, sight and smell, and at the same time stimulate the child's creativity. However, if parents add a variety of toys to their children without aim, they will not be able to achieve educational significance, but may develop bad habits for their children. According to the development of children, the most intimate game companion in childhood is the toy, but the toy is not much, but it is too little. Because no matter what kind of situation, it may affect the development of children's mind, so when choosing a toy for children, you should first consider his physical and mental development, so the selected toys will really help the children.

Educational experts say that the various stages of the child and the appropriate toys can be roughly classified into several stages of development:

1, waste utilization to create toys

2, according to child hobbies

3, stimulate the level of intelligence

4. Considerations when choosing toys for young children

5, school age

6, early childhood

7. The period of time

8, supine period

NO.1 Waste utilization creates toys In addition to waste utilization to create toys, experts also said that parents should give children some correct ideas. The so-called toys are not just toys sold on the market, they use natural materials such as branches, bamboo, flowers and grass. Or toys made from household waste accessories such as aluminum cans, PET bottles, buttons, etc. are also good. In the process of making, let the children participate in the manufacture of toys, let him experience the joy of completing a thing, when he is playing with his own toys, he must be very proud, and will become a precious childhood memories.

NO.2 According to the child's hobby, choose a simple toy according to the child's hobbies. Pay attention to the toy material and choose a durable toy.

NO.3 The degree of intelligence that stimulates intelligence should be selected according to gender and in line with the age of the child.

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