About boxwood carving

Boxwood carving is a kind of round carving art.

It uses the natural form of boxwood wood, smooth texture, and solemn color. The boxwood carving is milky yellow. The longer the time, the lighter and deeper the color, giving a simple and elegant aesthetic. Yueqing County of Wenzhou City is the birthplace of boxwood carvings in Zhejiang Province. It is also known as “Zhejiang Sandiao” with Dongyang woodcarving and Qingtian stone carving.

According to legend, the boxwood carving was invented by a young cow named Ye Chengrong in the late Qing Dynasty. Ye Chengrong is a native of Yueqing County, Zhejiang Province. One day, he played in a temple in the village and saw an old man in the temple is shaping a Buddha statue. He was attracted by the skills of the old man. He simply ran out of the temple, squatting on the tree, dug a very sticky mud, sitting at the temple, secretly learning to pile up. The old man is a well-known folk artist in the local area. When he saw that Ye Chengrong was smart and eager to learn, he was accepted as an apprentice and taught him five skills: round plastic, clay sculpture, color, gold and relief. He made rapid progress, and after one year, he mastered this skill. One day, Ye Chengrong saw a statue of Buddha in Zixia Mountain in Baotai Mountain, Yueqing County. The Guanzhong people folded a boxwood, and asked him to use a boxwood carving to make a wish. In the process of carving, Ye Chengrong found that the boxwood wood is tough, the texture is fine, and the color luster is not as good as other wood. It is a good material for carving. Since then, he has been carving works with boxwood. In this way, the boxwood carvings in the folk art gardens of our country were born.

Wood carving tools include mud hammers, sculptural frames and clay sculpture boxes, as well as calipers, scrapers and plastic knives in various forms. Tools for roughing blanks, such as saws, wood hammers, iron hammers, etc. The main tool used for engraving is chisel. It has many types and functions. It is divided into oblique chisel, triangular chisel, flat chisel, round chisel, medium steel chisel, reverse chisel, reverse chisel, slant chisel, needle chisel and Hand saws, bamboo rafts, tow drills, etc. The operation is more meticulous, and it is divided into concept sketches, plastic mud drafts, wood selection, rough blanks, sculpt blanks, meticulously trimmed, sanded and polished, finely embossed, waxed, with foot basins, etc. Multiple processes.

Among them, the carving technique is the most exquisite technique in wood carving. It can make the work empty and exquisite, exquisite and exquisite, elegant and beautiful, and dynamic.

Ye Run Bureau, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, is good at carving skills and melting the art of sister art. In particular, he absorbed the techniques of translucent, smashing, scraping and cross-cutting in the technique of tooth carving, and revolutionized the old techniques to make his works vivid. , unique and unique; and should be in the real, static and dynamic, giving people a real sense of intimacy.
In the past, wood carvings were mostly used to engrave Buddha statues, architectural temples, engraving dragon lights, engraving, making screens and furniture. After the efforts of artists from all ages, it has become a handicraft for people to appreciate.

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