Betacontrol proposes a new measurement solution

Betacontrol presents a new measurement solution, just at the time of the internal combustion engine

In this year's International Ice Conversion Exhibition - Europe's leading exhibition of paper, foil and foil converters - betacontrol chaos and regulation companies once again showed their high-quality measurement of surface materials with precisely controlled solutions. In addition to building solutions like IndiCon Pharmacy, the company will present product innovations IndiTherm and IndiCam1001 Hall 1-V01 November 24-26.

In the country where finishing and thin material processing are of constant importance for constant quality control, Michael Hecht, CEO of betacontrol added: "The precise measurement solution is essential to transform the industry with accurate results and high-quality material production". And the combination of control technology experts offers such solutions: Innovation is an absolute measurement solution IndiTherm and IndiCam100, using infrared cameras to determine the temperature gradient and material thickness.IndiTherm is formulated for precise temperature spatial resolution has become a movie, for example Impact on the acquisition of the production process.

The thermal difference affects the characteristics of the material, so IndiTherm is able to measure 100% of the used material online. Features such as post, crystallization, temperature in the wide range of films, flat misplaced cupping, streamlines, inhomogeneities or hot spots, are caused by large differences that can be detected early and their causes may be fixed.

This effect is due to the fact that the material has been controlled while the conventional infrared camera: at the proper temperature focus can fade out the thermal external effects only partially, IndiTherm supplies absolutely reliable results.

If - additional temperature measurements - based on the determined thickness and weight requirements, IndiTherm can be extended to 1 IndiCam100 solution at any time. This system has also been developed with a temperature gradient production process and allows all-embracing, 100% control of the rapid production of material surfaces.

Radiation sensors as well as infrared camera temperature measurements are determined based on weight and thickness. Due to the real-time value processing, the time of death can be reduced by being rejected. Therefore, user betacontrol not only helps solve the economy, but they can also see a series of improvements in quality management.

This is the fairness of visitors in complex solutions so believe that Michael Hecht has no doubt: we are now innovative products and we are confident that they will be appreciated by the audience of international experts. Ultimately our system provides manufacturers with the best conditions for making decisions in the processing industry.

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