You can't ignore the hidden dangers of toothpicks

The hygienic condition and proper use of the toothpick are directly related to the health and oral hygiene of the tooth and should not be taken lightly.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Shandong Consumers Association, the current toothpicks on the market are mostly made of wood and bamboo. The staff of the Consumer Association recently found in an unannounced visit to several food and beverage outlets that some toothpicks are marked on the outer packaging. Advanced toothpicks, "high temperature disinfection" and other words, but most of them are "three no products", there is no health license number at all, toothpick packaging and disinfection can not meet the requirements, and some are placed in the plate, everyone can use it, Some put the used toothpicks back into the tray.

Incorrect use of toothpicks has at least four major hazards:

First of all, toothpick that is not properly sterilized and poorly managed can cause disease. All kinds of bacteria and viruses attached to the toothpick that people grabbed will enter the human body through the toothpick. According to the health department's test, a small toothpick actually "hidden" tens of thousands of bacteria.

Secondly, improper use of the toothpick will lead to periodontal disease. If there is no tooth-toothing phenomenon and improper use of toothpicks or toothpicks, it will cause gingivitis, atrophy of the gums, increased interdental space and cause periodontal disease. Do not force the toothpick into the interdental nipple area, because this will not have Increased tooth gap in the gap causes periodontal disease.

Third, inadvertent toothpicks can be life-threatening. According to the Jinan Stomatological Hospital, there were consumers who accidentally swallowed the toothpick and swallowed the small intestine. They were taken out of the body after emergency surgery in the hospital. They almost lost their lives. Similar patients have recently admitted two cases in the hospital. .

In addition, wooden toothpicks cause huge consumption of wood. According to relevant statistics, more than 600 billion toothpicks are consumed every year in the country. If wood is used, it consumes 1.6 million cubic meters of wood, equivalent to 2.03 million mu of forest; bamboo is used to manufacture bamboo. 1.4 million tons, equivalent to 700,000 acres of bamboo, South Korea, Japan and other developed countries have now completely banned wooden toothpicks. At the same time, the toothpick production process and after use also cause environmental pollution.

The hygienic condition and proper use of the toothpick are directly related to the health and oral hygiene of the tooth and should not be taken lightly.

First of all, if you don't have a tooth-plugging phenomenon, don't pick your teeth. At the same time, you should develop the habit of brushing your teeth every day.

Secondly, don't include toothpicks. Because the head of the toothpick is sharp and accidentally enters the esophagus, it is life-threatening. For consumers with dental diseases and food embedded in the teeth, you can choose to use 100% degraded starch toothpicks. Instead of a toothpick, the gap brush is a special small brush for cleaning the food residue of the adjacent plaque of the tooth. The use of the gap brush is very effective in cleaning the teeth and can prevent periodontal disease. Therefore, it should be strongly advocated.

In addition, when choosing to use a toothpick, choose a corkwood product. The surface should be smooth and thornless, the tip should not be too sharp, and it should be smooth. It should be better packaged, with the name of the factory, the site, the health permit number, and the strict disinfection. Regular manufacturers' products are not placed in closed containers and toothpicks that may cause pollution. Please do not use them.

Consumer warnings finally pointed out that consumers are reminded that the inferior toothpick picking teeth will make the teeth more and more bad.

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