"Quick-acting" cosmetics are likely to be skin opium

Since the beginning of summer, a large number of patients with hormone-dependent dermatitis have entered the dermatology clinic, mostly due to the use of "quick-acting" freckle and whitening cosmetics. Dermatologists remind that skin care requires slow work and fine work. "Quick-acting" cosmetics are likely to be skin opium, so you can't stop.

"I wanted to smear cosmetic freckle, but I made my face whistling, so I didn't dare to go out." A few days ago, Ms. Cui, a 43-year-old Zhengzhou citizen, made a special trip to the dermatology department of a provincial capital, a big sunhat. A pair of wide-brimmed sunglasses almost covers the entire face. Remove all "covering", Ms. Cui's face is red and black, as if for ten days and a half, she did not wash her face and left a layer of gray, but the original freckles could not be seen.

She told the doctor that she had a few freckles on her white face. In March of this year, she went to a shopping mall in Zhengzhou to buy a box of freckle cream. Just after a few days, the freckles became lighter, but as soon as she stopped, the skin dried up. It’s uncomfortable, so I have to “continue on it” and continue to smear. Until recently, the parts she often applied to the freckle cream became dark, and the contrast with the skin of the neighboring parts became a large flower face.

Li Zhenlu, deputy director of the Society of Dermatology of Henan Medical Association, told reporters that the cream used by Ms. Cui may contain glucocorticoids, which caused her to suffer from hormone-dependent dermatitis. “Recently, more than 10 patients with hormone-dependent dermatitis have been treated every day in the dermatology clinic. This dermatitis treatment process is slow, and it takes a slow salary, remove the dependent cosmetics, and then do laser treatment.”

Some freckle and whitening cosmetics are illegally added with glucocorticoids. This kind of substance is called "skin opium". These cosmetics are very effective and effective, and the skin becomes white, but long-term use will cause hormone-dependent dermatitis.

Cosmetics contain "poisonous" skin will be addictive

“Just like drug addiction, the withdrawal of hormone-containing cosmetics will lead to 'withdrawal symptoms'.” The dermatologist of a hospital in the provincial capital said that the more the skin is wiped, the thinner and more sensitive it will stop. It will be itchy and dry, and it will also have erythema, pimples, desquamation, tightness, burning sensation and other symptoms. Once the hormonal topical medication is added, it will be relieved immediately.

The Ministry of Health has long stated that no hormonal substances can be added to cosmetics, but freckle and whitening cosmetics are still secretly added. Some beauty salons use the mysterious and unidentified cosmetics for customers to pursue “quick-effects”. According to dermatologists, cosmetics that are too effective are likely to be skin opium.

Big-name cosmetics "invalid" is not necessarily a bad thing

“The skin care experts have a saying that the bigger the makeup brand, the less effective it is.” The dermatologist said that this sentence is clear and reasonable. Those "no effect" cosmetics do not contain undesirable ingredients such as hormones and hydrogen peroxide. "Preserving the skin is a real way of slow work, safe and healthy skin care, and it is impossible to pursue quick results."

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