Northern home decoration may wish to choose bamboo flooring

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The older the bamboo, the better

Many consumers think that the older the bamboo is, the stronger it is, and the stronger the bamboo flooring is, which is not the case. Generally, the bamboo material of bamboo flooring is good for bamboo ages of 5 to 6 years. At this time, the bamboo is strong and elastic; under 4 years, the bamboo is too tender, the density is low, the strength is low, and the hardness is low; if the bamboo age is too large, the fiber is aging. The toughness is poor and the brittleness is large, so it is not the older the bamboo, the better.

Double tongue and plate without keel and nail

There is not much difference between the two-in-one mouth and the single-in-one mouth. It is not possible to firmly connect the bamboo flooring into pieces. Without the keel and nail fixing, the bamboo floor is easy to arch in the case of wet up; the bamboo floor will be seamed in the case of shrinking. Therefore, the keel is required and the bamboo floor is firmly fixed to the keel.

The thicker the bamboo floor, the better.

The bamboo itself has higher flexural strength than wood, and the 15mm thick bamboo flooring has sufficient flexural, compressive and impact strength, and the foot feel is also good. Generally, after processing the bamboo into bamboo pieces, the bamboo green and bamboo yellow parts should be removed. The thickness of the bamboo pieces after the green to yellow is generally 5mm, and the three layers of bamboo pieces are 15mm thick.

Some manufacturers to cater to the consumer's thicker and better mentality, do not go green, do not go yellow, bamboo glue, although the thickness of bamboo flooring can reach 17mm, 18mm, but the bonding strength is not good, easy to crack, this practice It is not scientific.

Bamboo flooring will crack

Bamboo flooring, like solid wood composite flooring, is made of water-resistant adhesive bonded by high temperature and high pressure. The bonding strength is large enough to resist the stress caused by general load and wet temperature changes, so it is not easy to crack under normal conditions.

Northern area is not suitable for bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring, like solid wood composite flooring, is affected by the humidity in the air, but the manufacturer has fully considered the relatively dry climate in the north, and has controlled the moisture content of the bamboo flooring to a low level. Therefore, bamboo flooring is no problem in the north. of. Bamboo flooring is now exported to Europe and North America, and it can adapt to the climatic conditions there.

Bamboo flooring is cooler than wooden flooring

It is generally felt that the bamboo mats in the summer are cooler, so it is natural to assume that the bamboo flooring will be cooler than the wooden flooring. actually not. The thermal conductivity of bamboo and wood is related to the density, and the thermal conductivity of the density is also large. The density of bamboo is about 0.75g/cm3, which is similar to the density of wood such as white oak and southwest birch. The thermal conductivity of bamboo is about 0.146kcal/mh°C, white eucalyptus is 0.147-0.167kcal/mh°C, and southwest birch is 0.145-0.167kcal/mh°C. Therefore, the thermal performance of bamboo flooring and wooden flooring is not much different. Conversely, wood flooring with excessive density is not as warm as bamboo flooring.

There are standard bamboo flooring in the industry to know

1. The structure should be symmetrical

The bamboo floor of the three-layer structure, the thickness and width of the bamboo layer of the top layer and the bottom layer should be the same, and the bottom of the surface is symmetrical, such a bamboo floor is not easy to warp and deform.

2. No bamboo green bamboo yellow

Bamboo strips should have no residual bamboo green or bamboo yellow. Residual bamboo green and bamboo yellow will affect the bonding between bamboo strips. The bamboo strips are glued tightly and have no gaps.

3. The core layer is free of debris

Bamboo flooring core layer should also be the specification of bamboo strips, can not be mixed with broken bamboo strips, miscellaneous wood chips and other debris, otherwise not only the bonding strength is not good, the strength of the bamboo flooring itself will be very poor.

4. High processing accuracy

The bamboo flooring with good processing accuracy is flat and straight, without bending deformation in any direction, with the same width and thickness, and no size head.

When assembling bamboo flooring on a flat countertop, the combination of enamel should be tight and firm, without gaps, and there is no obvious difference in height between the hand and the seam.

In addition, it also includes good paint quality, uniform color tone, and no formaldehyde smell.

   Laminated Melamine board is also known as double decorative panels, paint panels, ecological board, it was called a molding board. Its substrate is also particleboard and MDF, made by the substrate and the surface bonding, the surface veneer are mainly domestic and imported two categories, because it is through fire, anti-wear, waterproof soaking treatment, the use of results Similar to the composite wood flooring

Melamine faced MDF can be imitation of a variety of patterns, bright color, for a variety of wood-based panels and wood veneer, hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance.

Chemical resistance in general, can resist the general acid, alkali, grease and alcohol and other solvent wear.

The surface smooth and smooth, easy to maintain cleaning.

Laminated MDF

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