Low-carbon era clockwork toy or popular

It is this design of the clock that triggers the creation of a toy that is powered by a clockwork.

[Chinese and foreign toys and gift nets] When it comes to metal toys that use clockwork as a power device, they have to mention clocks. The principles of the two are similar. The inspiration for tin toys is derived from clockwork. Clockwork is one of the most important parts of the watch movement. It is like a clock to the heart.

Clockwork was first applied to watches

Many people don't know that the earliest recorded mechanical tools in history are well-known timing tools. All mechanical movements require power. Before the industrial revolution, the source of mechanical power required by mankind was nothing more than the power of nature such as wind, water, livestock, etc., but these powers were not stable enough, or the structure was too large. There was no problem in planting the land, but it was not used for timing. Until the 15th century, the mechanical structure with the heavy hammer as the power source came out, which made the mechanical timing possible.

By the 18th century, some watchmakers in Europe designed the shape of the watch into various images and made the movement move some accessories so that the watch could make some interesting moves in addition to the time. For example, the owl eyes on the owl wall clock can be constantly closed, and the chirping sounds regularly, while the characters on some clocks can perform various actions.

It is this design of the clock that triggers the creation of a toy that is powered by a clockwork. The earliest popular in Europe was the music box, followed by the tin toy. Later, under the influence of Europe, China produced toys with clockwork devices, mainly for the members of the Qing Dynasty. In the 1920s, Shanghai Kangyuan Can Factory began to produce such toys. The earliest varieties were “Chicken Eating Rice”. "And later appeared the well-known iron frog, and the iron sparrow.

Environmental protection and energy saving springs conceal the low carbon era

In addition to providing a stable and long-lasting source of power for the clock, the good spring can make the clock more stable. About sixty or seventy years ago, the material of the spring was made of carbon steel, which was prone to metal fatigue and caused inaccurate travel time. Nowadays, clockwork springs use a new material with complex composition, which has many advantages. Easy metal fatigue is not easy to break.

In the Qingya Zhongxing, you can see all kinds of antique clocks driven by the clockwork, and they are well-made. Stop in front of an antique clock from Kenny's home in Germany. Through the transparent glass bell, you can see the entire golden movement, which is the most complicated side of the clock movement. The light can't tell from the appearance how many gears it has. The reason why the clock is so complicated is to show the world's top watch technology for people to watch. However, the one used to drive the world's top clocks is not the battery that is commonly used in home clocks, but the traditional clockwork. Insert the clockwork shaft into the barrel and turn it a few times. The spring will be ready. Only the gear in the glass bell ring will rotate in a loop. The bottom end of the movement also has an eight-tone tube. At the same time, with the clockwork it can play eight scales of music.

According to Zheng Weiping of Qingya Zhongxing, the clockwork time is slightly weaker than that of electric clocks, but it is very durable.

Some people think that although it is now a comprehensive era of electrical and digital, with the gradual exhaustion of the earth's energy, coupled with the advancement of the materials industry, the dynamics of environmental protection and energy saving seem to have a renewed trend, and the clockwork Power will not have battery pollution problems, more green. Maybe in a few years, with the popularity of environmental awareness, we will have more and more clockwork power products around us. (Editor: Zhe)

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