E-commerce disrupts the traditional "channel electric shock" in the traditional cabinet industry

The e-commerce model has entered the thinking of today's consumers in a strong posture, and its rapid development has made it possible for people inside and outside the industry to look at it. However, breaking the traditional new rules may not be suitable for every industry. The cabinet industry has its own particularity. For the operation of e-commerce, there is no successful precedent for reference. Therefore, it is still necessary to make great efforts to explore its development ideas.

E-commerce thinking: messing up traditional channels

Compared with the thinking of traditional enterprises, e-commerce thinking is snobbish and ruthless, but they are willing to invest heavily in “water and fish farming”, and its purpose is also very clear, that is, role model effect. Obviously, the e-commerce platform companies are most eager to obtain customers, which are the big brands in the traditional business field, because they have the capital, the willingness to develop, and they are easy to be persuaded to take the initiative. They have a certain brand awareness, which will improve the quality of the platform and enhance the viscosity to consumers. Moreover, they are free advertisements and are highly motivating for the same brand or small and medium-sized brands in the industry.

Therefore, in the past two years, we have seen the record of tens of millions of yuan and hundreds of millions of large enterprises, and we have seen many successful stories of grassroots overnight. Of course, there are companies that pay the rewards they deserve, but the authenticity of many things is also debatable. An e-commerce insider said that one of their important strategies is to spoil the way and let the traditional channels mess up.

Facts have proved that this trick is very effective. Take Tmall as an example. At the beginning, only a few big home brands such as Qumei and Quanyou supported it. In the following years, the amount of traditional enterprises added increased by geometric multiples. This kind of development is in the middle of the platform, but for the companies that are stationed, the competition will only become more intense. Many resources are no longer free, not only the benefits are divided, but also the introduction of passenger flow, and the cost is getting higher and higher.

Cabinet E-commerce: The road ahead needs to be explored

It must be acknowledged that the rapid development of e-commerce has disrupted the structure and structure of existing channels and has begun to force the home industry to improve industrial efficiency. However, the new technology only represents the advanced direction and does not necessarily mean success. E-commerce must also follow the laws of business development and constantly improve itself.

The industry believes that the new business relationship created by e-commerce should be to create new demand, rather than let the cabinet companies in the fight. For example, e-commerce allows people who want to buy but cannot buy a certain brand product to get what they want, which is positive. And if you just spell the price without a bottom line, it is negative.

Whether it is e-commerce thinking or traditional thinking, some people have reached a consensus on a point of view - e-commerce is not the terminator of traditional channels, it may become a virtual platform parallel to offline stores.

Today, it is in the initial stage of spontaneous development. “There is a farmer’s market, a morning market, and a street stall.” Consumers are also relatively casual and blind. When a discount or a clearance sale is made, someone will fly to the past. However, this kind of legal supervision is not enough, and the difference in product quality and service, but the same thing to be sung on the same stage, will not last. This platform will change the form and rules with the needs, there are upgrades, there are boutiques, but also stripped out to open independent stores... By then, the cabinet companies are fighting for products, services, and comprehensive Satisfaction, not who is more likely to be fooled, who has more means. For consumers, it is also more secure.

Xiaobian's message: No one denies that e-commerce will be a trend, but e-commerce will never be the only one. It must intersperse and help each other with traditional businesses. Emerging industries will experience explosive growth in the early stages of development, and there will be repeated and twists and turns. The e-commerce road of the cabinet industry does not need to be too hasty. With the continuous improvement of the e-commerce model and the in-depth discussion of the industry, the road ahead will gradually become clear.

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