Special screen printing - ice printing

With the improvement of technology and development of signage technology, the use of special printing to deal with the bottom layer of signage panels has become a common means, and colorful, beautiful and moving, not only increased the decorative nature, but also obtained more prominent results. The following will introduce several common special screen printing technology and issues to pay attention to.

Fifth, ice printing

The so-called ice printing, is the use of printing technology on the substrate will be printed with ice features such as ink and other materials, the formation of ice flower effect. There are various forms of ice prints, such as ice ink printing and metal ice paint.

The principle of printing ice flower is that when the surface of the substrate coating film is dry, especially by the influence of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other gases, the surface of the coating film will have a crystal grain. Crystal lines, crystal flowers, reticulate lines, and silk lines are all different manifestations of wrinkles and are a defect in coatings. However, if it can be controlled to properly generate a crystal pattern in the coating, a crystal-like decorative effect resembling an ice flower can be produced. Ice print inks can generally be printed on special papers, paint cloths, mirrors, plastics, and metals.

The ice lacquer process is not produced by the paint. It is generated by a special tin plating process. If the steel is specially tin plated, an ice-like tin plating layer is formed on the surface. The ice-like tin plating layer is covered with a layer of transparent varnish, so that the white ice flower is colored, the ice flower becomes more vivid, the decoration effect is more ideal, and the protection of the coating is also improved.

Source: Screen Printing Industry 2005.8 Qi Cheng

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