Detailed Explanation of Coating Compound Failure--Compound Film Folds

Composite film wrinkles cause of failure:

1. The thickness of the substrate is not uniform and the thickness is too different.

2. The skewed substrate position leads to wrinkles in the composite film, and as the skewness accumulates, the degree of wrinkling increases.

. If the substrate is a thin film material (such as a nylon film) that is easily affected by humidity, and hygroscopicity occurs, wrinkles are easily generated during the extrusion process.

4. Improper tension setting and control, the tension of each part is not coordinated and does not match.

5. Compound pressure is not set properly.

6. The axis between the silicone rubber roller and the cooling steel roller is not parallel.

7. The surface of the guide roller is not clean, there is foreign matter sticking, or the surface of the guide roller is uneven, there are pits, scribes, bumps and so on.


1. Replace the substrate to ensure uniform substrate thickness.

2. The position of the substrate is adjusted so that no skew occurs during the transfer.

3. The substrate is preheated and dried, or the substrate is replaced without moisture absorption.

4. Adjust the unwinding and take-up tensions so that the tensions of each part can be adapted and matched to each other.

5. According to the actual situation, adjust the pressure of the composite roll to the appropriate size.

6. Adjust the relative position between the silicone rubber roller and the cooling steel roller so that the two remain parallel.

7. Clean the guide roller surface and replace the damaged guide roller to ensure that the guide roller surface is smooth, smooth, and clean.

(to be continued)

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