Book binding the best time

Journal binding is the work that the library must do every year or every other year. When is the best time to bind a journal? This problem may be overlooked by many people. Isn't it time to wait until the periodicals have accumulated to a certain amount and the staff is more convenient? If this is the case, it will bring “sequel” to the preservation and management of future journals. In the early years, the library sent a batch of batches to the binding factory before New Year's Day. Due to delays in the binding factory, binding was not completed until the Qingming period. At that time, no problems were discovered. At the turn of spring and summer of the second year, all these periodicals were moldy. Other periodicals in the museum were safe and secure. For this purpose, they were wiped off with a dry cloth every few days. The staff added great trouble.

Why does this happen? Is it because of damp weather when binding? Later it was confirmed from the binding master. Every spring, the weather in most parts of China is relatively humid, especially in the south, and it is often rainy. If it happens to be set in this fashion, the journals will absorb a lot of water during transportation and storage (some binding factories have poor conditions). At this time, the binding book cover was not very dry, which was the main reason that caused the mildew of the journal. If all the journals are bundled up immediately when they are sent back to the library by the bookbinding factory, the journals will be dried and processed and put on shelves. This will reduce the degree of deformation and mildew of the journal. However, this requires a larger venue and a longer period of time, and it also affects the cleanliness and beauty of the library.

In order to make the journal better preserved, it is recommended that managers must arrange the time for binding the journal and avoid the wet rainy season as much as possible. It is best to bind in the second half of the year, especially in autumn.

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