Teach you five tricks to identify the pros and cons of kitchen cabinets

1. Look at the promotional materials:

The formal company promotional materials are a pioneering book in the form of a bound book. It has a standard LOGO and a registered trademark R. It generally includes the company's factory introduction, production equipment introduction, production capacity, design capability, sample display, material type and performance introduction, service commitment, etc. The most important thing is that the company's cabinets are open according to the price of each grade, truly "Open quotes, understand consumption."

2, look at the appearance of the texture:

The door panel must be free from high and low undulations, the door joints must be neat and tidy, and the gap size is uniform. The door panel opens freely. There is no noise in the drawer. The color of the countertop is colorless and there is no seam.

3. See if there is a burst:

Look at the door panel for blasting. Open the door to see if there is an adjustment hole in the laminate. The adjustment hole of the laminate is generally neat and uniform, and there is no explosion on all sides of the hole. The regular manufacturers are equipped with professional slotting machines. The sides of the slots are smooth and tidy, and there is no blasting.

4, look at the side trimming part:

Whether the color of the side trimming part is consistent with the front side, and whether there is any oily rubbing mark on the edge sealing part, because the edge of the inferior edge banding is repaired, if it is rubbed with oil, the hole will be closed.

5, look at the hanging cabinet hanging code:

Generally, it is necessary to ask whether the hanging cabinet hanging code can be adjusted. The regular manufacturers use the hanging code installation method. After the cabinet is installed, the height and the left and right can be adjusted properly. The cabinet is disassembled, the screw is buckled, and the cabinet is quite clean.

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