Instant slim face tricks

Star Mask: Samantha of SATC
If Carrie reminds you of a confused girlfriend, then the senior public relations director Samantha's powerful atmosphere is enough to control the title of "Queen": every appearance is gorgeous as if to be awarded the Oscars, and the momentum is enough to win ten. Criminal proceedings. She is familiar with the rules of the upper class, no matter what happens, she raises her chin and puts the pressure on her career and the emotional difficulties under the heel of ManOLo Blahnik 12cm.

Make-up Point: Kyra Panchenko, the famous Hollywood make-up artist of the modern caramel cheek × gas field flying eye makeup exclusive Gold Catral (Samantha), in order to present her sexy and confident makeup, he tailored for Kim Imitation sunscreen makeup. In addition, the cat's glamorous up-and-coming peach eye and caramel makeup are the fastest match, which is also the key to the highest level of attention.

Modern Caramel Cheek: Instant Slim Star Face Shape Asian women want to learn to make a whole face into a bronze color. It seems too difficult for people to be too strong. Take a compromise strategy: the color of the makeup is the same, and the orange-gold blush with the effect of repairing the color is not only to modify the face shape, but also to create a fashionable atmosphere.

Step 1: Choose a foundation that is slightly deeper than the skin tone, and the mirror is more beautiful.
Step 2: Put the kumquat brown blush from the cheekbones toward the temple, and put a long strip of blush on the ellipse.
Step 3: The contour of the face is brushed from the top to the bottom to repair the dark color, and then faint from the outside to the inside, blurring the boundary between blush and repair capacity.
Step 4: Use the pearlescent repair product to brighten the T and chin to increase the three-dimensional and glossy look of the face. The makeup looks more layered.

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