The best nose shape allows you to capture the heart of the other half

Do you know what kind of nose is best? Let's take a look, maybe you will have a different harvest on your way to a blind date.

Nice nose is like this

1, blackheads are too horrible

He can accept the collapsed nose, but can't stand the strawberry nose, which gives a feeling of uncleanness. The unchanging topic of cleaning blackheads has been debated, but there has been no countermeasures. In fact, blindly squeezing and sticking will not completely cure. Only serious cleaning is the right way. The mud mask is the best for blackheads , but it is probably slow to use it. There are ways to wash the blackheads at once: when the mask is wet, use a cleansing cotton to gently wipe the skin against the pores. At the same time as the mask was removed, the blackheads were also removed.

2, large pores block close contact

There are many reasons for the large pores. The pores can be formed by oiling and drying. There are ways to effectively deal with the pores caused by two reasons. It is better to use a massage mask that contains meltable particles. Granules help exfoliate at the same time, the paste nourishes the skin, accompanied by massage, the skin's blood circulation is accelerated, the cells are active, and the skin becomes more delicate in a few days, and the pores shrink several times.

3, the perfect nose can make up

The perfect nose has a straight nose and just the right nose width. When applying makeup, you can use high light to sweep on the bridge of the nose. The position is from the lowest point of the bridge of the nose to the middle of the bridge of the nose. Do not reach the nose, so there will be a feeling of oily nose. The distance between the blush and the nose can adjust the width of the nose. The closer the nose is, the narrower the nose is.

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