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French Guerlain Hydrating Youth Essence

“The best hydrating essence, he has collected all the patented ingredients of Guerlain to achieve deep and long-lasting moisturizing treatment. The general moisturizing products are mainly water-locking, but Guerlain’s hydrating elastic reducing essence helps while locking the water. Repair the moisture barrier so that moisture is not lost."

The cosmetic contains high levels of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients that thoroughly and permanently replenish moisture and promote skin renewal. Its sweet texture is smooth and rich, and the speed of smear and absorption is amazing and impeccable. It slides gracefully on the skin and disappears, leaving only the extremely sweet skin, delicate, soft and smooth. Day after day, the skin regains fullness, and the wrinkles are smoothed out, leaving the skin texture smooth. Regaining new skin is better able to withstand the effects of the years and harsh environmental stress, and a new glow.

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