Volkswagen's exclusive evaluation of Estee Lauder moisturizing eye cream

Estee Lauder Multi-Level Instant Moisturizing Eye Cream

The source is not hydrated:

The feeling of a watery woman, you have already experienced it. Now, let the delicate skin of your eyes enjoy the same care. The magical multi-mineral essence Bio-water plus our unique Hydra InsulationTM moisturizing technology.

The classic combination instantly injects water and vitality into the water-deficient skin, leaving the skin hydrated and full of comfort. Together with the unique Biosine formula, you can rebuild the skin's natural moisturizing barrier, lock the moisture around the clock, no longer have to worry

Water loss.

User rating :

Touch gently, your skin is blowing, soft and smooth, like a hibiscus-like bath, giving you an incredible beauty of the water. This multi-layer instant moisturizing eye cream can reduce the fine lines and dry lines in time, and the skin is soft and moist, fresh and refreshing, just like bathing in the water. Unknowingly, the revolutionary results of seaweed liquid can help reduce eye puffiness, the skin is like a hibiscus, watery and smooth. The eyes become younger and more godlike, just like a new life.

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