Apple Watch will be listed in March this year

According to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported January 7, last September opened the mysterious Apple Smart Watch will be officially launched in March this year around the world. Currently, Apple is conducting the final stages of software and battery testing of upcoming watches. The watch is a perfect combination of technology and fashion, and it is Apple's first fashion item to be released to the public. Apple Watch not only displays the time accurately with the time, but also incorporates all the features of the iPhone. In addition, smart watches will give customers some new experience. For example: in the case of wearing Apple Watch on both sides, you can send a heartbeat by clicking on the other avatar to show concern. At the same time, Apple Watch can also directly as a cell phone to answer the phone, and can call to the phone via Bluetooth. Of course, the most worth mentioning is the health tracking function of this watch. Not only does it measure the heartbeat and blood pressure of the wearer, but more importantly, Apple Watch has more specialized applications and features than any other wrist device on the market today, and it will surely become a healthy assistant to people. Apple Watch chose a rectangular silver dial and color strap design, the whole looks both full of modern and future elements, without losing the sense of elegance. In terms of sound, this watch also achieved a major breakthrough. At the beginning of the design, music experts synthesized simulated bells into digital sound to replace the sound and vibration of traditional smartphones. Apple Watch will be introduced in two sizes (38 mm and 42 mm) and three styles. Sports watch with polished and black stainless steel design, priced at 349 US dollars (about 2171 yuan). Common use of gray or silver anodized aluminum material. Custom models will appear rosy or yellow, and use 18 karat gold as the material. Three models will be produced in accordance with Apple's specifications, the materials used will also greatly improve the comfort of the watch to carry. At the same time, this watch's screen will be replaced by sapphire glass, to maximize the clarity and ruggedness of the screen, compared to the much-criticized screen design of previous Apple products. In addition, the watch's strap can be replaced on a regular basis, the band can be used for the material of Viton, sewing or ordinary leather and metal. Even more surprising is that Apple watch highly customized surface, a total of 11 kinds of patterns to choose from, including the Roman traditional dial, 3D planet model dial and all kinds of landmark switch animated dial and so on. Dial brightness will be a day of light changes. Watches and wearers can even reflect on their place in the universe in the day, thinking about mysterious philosophical topics. When moved to a different scene, the watch's appearance will follow. From a full of futuristic watches immediately become a fine high-end luxury watches. Of course, the most noteworthy Apple Watch is its advanced technology, which leaves the traditional watch far behind. Small table body integrated so many technologies, why not buy a together to experience the most cutting-edge technological achievements? Time is a romantic concept and a symbol of power. With its territory and the most accurate time all over the world, the United Kingdom was able to dominate the 17th and 18th centuries. Now, Apple Watch will also have such a momentum in the next three years on the traditional watch industry, and even other Apple products have a strong impact. With the advent of smartphones, people have gradually abandoned their watches. This situation will change because of the listing of Apple Watch? Watch luxury fan will choose to buy Apple Watch? The new custom models will watch where sales? With the sale of Apple's smart watches in March this year, I believe These mysteries will be solved one by one. The Applegate to open the door of fashion Apple, I believe will continue to make a difference in the fashion industry.