Season bags plus some tricks bag List must be inventive

In the early autumn, the wardrobe is also a time for renewal, in addition to leaving behind the classic basis of spare parts, as an active fashion in urban sophistication, to add their own new products, can be assured and happily into the fall mode, and wardrobe refusal to refrain from immutable , Add a new tricks shopping List is the right way to buy and buy. COBO woven bags, a unique visual presentation is worth trying new products, not only ultra-high degree of recognition so that the backpack is not reduced to street bags, the most important thing is to go out of the closet unconventional fall to the United States to a new level! Romantic bucket bag Bucket bag was born in 1932, enduring in the fashion circle, every year can become a street blast, in addition to using different patterns or colors to make the bucket bag keeps changing new tricks, you carry over the bra bag? Into the bucket bag COBO exclusive "Tian" knitting elements, without any gaudy decoration, to show a different style of charming woman, enough romantic one autumn it. Romantic temperament Look Pleated skirt design will be the most feminine feminine temperament set off, and the bag on each other's ropes, filling the romantic gentle temperament. Swept the world's Mini package Swept the streets of the world's Mini bags is still the mainstream of the autumn and winter bag, it is not only clever lively, but also quit taking a big push something small problems, the success of shoulder decompression. Braided with embossed hand bag, with angular angled modern architectural design, so that bags show the urban women's fashionable atmosphere, equipped with long straps, shoulder, diagonal cross a variety of back-law, publicize different personalities. Fashion retro Look Cloak-style elegant dress with straps high heels, burgundy bows surrounded by embellishment, unique retro charm, with the same color small bag combination, even more modern urban temperament. Free relaxed shoulder bag In recent years, much sought after backpacks, comfortable relaxed style, celebrities are also super love to use it to shoot concave shape. With the first layer of cowhide woven into the rope backpack, highlighting the youthful yet luxurious and noble quality, this season COBO in this classic bag by adding three-dimensional embossed elements, bringing the mysterious atmosphere of exotic. Youth School Look Simple with flounced dress, swaying in the autumn wind, freedom, movement, with a woven shoulder bag to do with the usual light luxury temperament while highlighting the young vitality. Elegant chain bag Most ladies are unable to withstand the temptation of the chain bag, which will be stored as a wardrobe basic standing bag, and the chain bag with the perfect match with the high heels. This braided bag, metal chain, crocodile pattern, clamshell locking elements are a lot of twist, the woman's elegance enjoy blooming. Elegance Elegant velvet dress, Slim design will be the perfect exposition of the perfect show of women, with this combination of high-heeled shoes and package chain, swaying between the different kind of walk. More new product details, please go cabinet consultation!