Watch mirror wear or broken how to deal with?

Now almost all imported watches on the market have adopted scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror. Wearing people are especially able to understand that kind of metal case flower into the mirror is still as new, so many watch friends are crazy. In the careful people, but also have the heart of the time, for the love of a watch friend, wearing a daily encounter inevitably encounter bumps, the total may encounter accidentally encountered hard objects, while the sapphire crystal is very resistant Grind, but very brittle. So the mirror is not a small probability of broken things. Today, "watch the most time" for everyone finishing some watches watch mirror broken need to pay attention to what issues and how to repair and other issues, hoping to help everyone. Table corner crumble collapse In life, due to the different external environment, the characteristics of the problem of watch mirror is strange. However, according to the degree of damage to the table mirror to differentiate: a slight scratches, scratches, cracks, corners collapse, completely broken and so on. Slight scratches affect the appearance, can be delayed replacement, does not affect the watch waterproof. Table cracks, need to be replaced in time, and need to stay away from liquids before replacement, so as not to infiltrate the watch to produce corrosion inside the watch. Corner broken If only a slight scratch can also make do with the use, after all, only affect the appearance, if you do not mind can be delayed replacement. But the corner crumble and completely broken must replace the watch glass. Because the degree of fragmentation of the glass is completely broken glass from the inside out, will lead to no sealing watch crystal, thus affecting the waterproof function or even refuse dust function. From the watch glass material point of view, before the watch used by the plastic shell glass will not crack, but very easy to scratch. Table mirror completely broken, to be strictly in accordance with the following recommendations In everyday life, if a watch without a sapphire crystal is scratched or scratched by a metal hard object, it can be observed from the side of the crystal mirror that the scratch or the crack has not completely broken into the vertical surface. If not, Temporarily is available. If not serious, you can watch on the first drop of water on the mirror drops of water, and then squeeze a little toothpaste, and then wipe back and forth with a cotton ball to see whether the elimination of scratches, but be sure to pay attention to be sure to use cotton balls, or will Caused secondary damage to the mirror. Due to poor handling, resulting dial scratches If a very serious burst or completely broken, corner crumble and severely damaged, debris covered dial above, you need to immediately take the following measures: 1, the first time to stop the watch go. Pull out the crown to stop the watch running. Is to prevent the pointer driven broken glass debris and scratch the dial, causing the second injury to the watch; 2, absolutely can not try to remove the glass on the dialysis debris, but can not dial and adjust the calendar calendar. Completely broken, need to immediately change the table mirror 3, repair, must pay attention to the dial down, must not make it to receive severe shaking. Completely broken, need to immediately change the table mirror 4, sent to the repair shop, we must determine the extent of damage with the maintenance master, or because of the repair table is not responsible for the latter and need to be replaced or repaired dial later in the maintenance process if the dial is damaged, it is unnecessarily expensive It's This article is reprinted from watch network, if you have any questions, please send an email to to contact us.