Identify the authenticity of the watch 10 big cheats

Real senior watch never give buyers any regret, from the appearance to the heart of every workmanship are delicate to moving. Thus, the watch really reached the value for money. At the same time, however, fakes have slowly begun to fill the market, which is not huge. Watch watchmakers identify the authenticity of the ten cheats, I believe you love the table will be helpful. Look at the heart First of all, to be true of the table used by the movement model and movement logo are very familiar with, if the case of a false table at the bottom of the table, you can immediately identify the authenticity. Second, we must carefully observe the movement of the words, the true movement of the words engraved clear appearance, fake watches are rough, no beauty. Finally, to understand the performance of the movement, such as the way the chain (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way)